Always wanted to improve the PVP-experience on your server by adding an awesome new weapon?

This plugin adds a whole new and exciting weapon to your bukkit server: throwdisks!

info v3.3


Throwdisks (renamed music disks) are aimable throwing weapons you can use to improve the PVP-experience on your server. They are enchantable with "gems": craftable items that carry enchantments that can be applied to a throwdisk (similar to enchantment books)

There are four types of ThrowDisks:

  • an iron Throwdisk (deals 2.5/10 hearts damage on hit)
  • a golden Throwdisk (deals 3/10 hearts damage on hit)
  • a diamond Throwdisk (deals 3.5/10 hearts damage on hit)
  • an emerald Throwdisk (deals 4/10 hearts damage on hit) (only in v3.3 or higher)

You are able to configure the amount of damage the disks and enchantments deal, and disable individual disks and enchantments completeley when you think they are too overpowered.

other features:

  • Throwdisks and enchantment gems are craftable (see "Crafting Recipes" for more information)!
  • You can craft enchantment gems! You can forge these gems on any throwdisk for even more awesome effects!
  • Permissions for using commands and beeing able to throw disks!
  • All the settings and crafting recipes are configurable!


You can download ThrowDisks on this bukkitdev page.


ThrowDisks uses one command: /TDgive This command can only be used by OP's and gives you the executer a specified Throwdisks item. usage:

/TDgive		<disk>		<iron>
                                <emerald> (only in v3.3 or higher)
		<gem>		<fire>
                                <freeze> (only in v3.3 or higher)


the Throwdisks

A Throwdisk is a disk you can throw when you right/click it. When it hits a player or an entity, it will do a certain amount of damage (default: iron: 2.5/10 hearts, gold 3/10 hearts, diamond 3.5/10 hearts, emerald 4/10).

Enchantment Gems

Gems are craftable enchantment items, you can compare them to enchantment books. When you forge them on a throwdisk, the throwdisk gets an extra damage or function doing more damage when it hits a player or an entity. At the moment, there are six different types of gems:

  • fire: sets the target on fire for a short period of time
  • explosion: creates a small explosion on the location of the target
  • lighting: strikes the target with lightning and deals a small amount of damage
  • extra damage: does extra damage to the target
  • punch: punches the target away, dealing a little it of extra damage
  • freeze (only in v3.3 or higher): freezes the target for a certain period

You can add these enchantment-gems to a throwdisk using a forger.


A forger is an item you use to forge gems on a throwdisk.

How to use it?

  1. Make sure you have the throwdisk you want to enchant in your first (left) inventory slot
  2. Right-click with the forger
  3. One of the gems you have in your inventory should be forged on your Throwdisk

Crafting recipes

The following crafting recipes are the default recipes. The materials used in the recipes are configurable, but the shape isn't.

There are custom crafting recipes to craft Throwdisks, enchantment gems and a forger:

Gems: Replace the ? in the enchantment gem recipe with the second ingredient to craft a specified gem. These are all the existing gems and their second ingredients:

  • fire: magma cream
  • explosion: gunpowder
  • lighting: ghast tear
  • extra damage: blaze powder
  • punch: sugar
  • freeze: brewing stand

In the default recipes, the gems are relatively expensive to craft. This is to prevent overpowered weapons. If you still think a gem is overpowered, you can always make it more expansive to craft by changing the materials or disable the gem completely.

Permissions and config

  • You can enable/disable the usage and/or crafting of each individual disk and gem
  • You can configure the amount of damage the individual type of disks do
  • You can confiure the amount of damage, the duration of the effects etc. of every individual type of gem
  • You can enable/disable the usage of a cooldown, and set the duration of the cooldown - if used
  • You can configure the materials used in the crafting recipes, making the disks/gems more/less expensive/difficult to craft

Here you can find a default config.yml file (with explanation)

Permissions used by ThrowDisks:

  • throwdisks.op (default: OP desc: gives you access to the OP commands of ThrowDisks)
  • throwdisks.throw (default: EVERYONE desc: you need this permission to throw Throwdisks)

v3.3 and higher:

  • throwdisks.bypasscooldown (default: OP desc: lets you bypass the diskcooldown - if enabled)
  • throwdisks.disk.<disktype> (default: EVERYONE desc: lets you use the specified throwdisk)
  • throwdisks.gem.<gemtype> (default: EVERYONE desc: lets you use the specified gem)


Current version: v.3.2 1.7.9 compatible!

Older versions: with the 3.0 update, the whole setup of ThrowDisks changed. If you still want support for older versions (version 2.2 or older), please PM me.

If you want a customized version of throwdisks for your server, please PM me.


There is a lot of room for improvement and more features. If you have any ideas or tips, or if you experienc any trouble using ThrowDisks: please leave your comments on this page or send me a PM.


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