Thor's Hammer


Thor has powers. So why can't you have those powers? My first published plugin ever grants you the power of Thor.


  • Thor's hammer.
  • Right click to throw Thor's hammer and do damage to entities.
  • Explosions and fireworks when lightning strikes!
  • Abilities ("power ups") if you are on high or low ground.
  • Monsters that attack you if you are on ice
  • Chance of rain when using Thor's Hammer
  • A Thor login and log-out messages
  • Commands to strike you, your friends, or where you look.
  • Command to ragequit, Thor style!
  • Command cooldowns!
  • Configurable English, Spanish, and Polish messages.


/thor helpBrings up a help menu!
/thor's hammerGives you Thor's Hammer!
/thor's hammer -dGives you Thor's Hammer which does damage!
/thor destroyStrikes lightning on yourself.
/thor destroy -dStrikes lightning on yourself, doing damage!
/thor destroy player <playername>Strike lightning on another player!
/thor destroy player <playername> -dStrike lightning on another player, doing damage!
/thor destroy lookStrike lightning where you are looking!
/thor destroy look -dStrike lightning where you are looking, doing damage!
/thor ragequitRage-quit, Thor style!
/thor ragequit -dRage-quit, Thor style, striking damaging lighting in the process!
/thor cooldowns index <player>List all cooldowns, with indices, for a player!
/thor cooldowns reset <player>Reset all command cooldowns for a player!
/thor cooldowns remove <player> <index>Remove a player's cooldown at an index!
/thor reloadReloads the config.yml, messages.yml, and abilities.yml!

Permission Nodes

Permission NodeAction
thor.*Allows the use of all the below permission nodes.
thor.commands.*Allows the use of all the commands.
thor.destroy.*Allows the use of all destroy commands!
thor.friendly.*Allows the use of all permission nodes containing "friendly"!
thor.painful.*Allows the use of all permission nodes containing "painful"!
thor.cooldowns.*Allows the use of all cooldown commands and cooldown override!
thor.friendly.hammerAllows the use of /thor's hammer!
thor.painful.hammer.Allows the use of /thor's hammer -d!
thor.destroy.friendly.meAllows the use of /thor destroy!
thor.destroy.painful.meAllows the use of /thor destroy -d!
thor.destroy.friendly.otherAllows the use of /thor destroy player <playername>!
thor.destroy.painful.otherAllows the use of /thor destroy player <playername> -d!
thor.destroy.friendly.lookAllows the use of /thor destroy look!
thor.destroy.painful.lookAllows the use of /thor destroy look -d!
thor.friendly.ragequitAllows the use of /thor ragequit
thor.painful.ragequitAllows the use of /thor ragequit -d
thor.helpAllows the use of /thor help
thor.cooldowns.indexAllows the use of /thor cooldowns index <player>!
thor.cooldowns.resetAllows the use of /thor cooldowns reset <player>!
thor.cooldowns.removeAllows the use of /thor cooldowns remove <player> <index>!
thor.cooldowns.overrideExempts a player from cooldowns!
thor.reloadAllows the use of /thor reload
thor.loginAllows the Thor login message.
thor.logoutAllows the Thor logout message.
thor.iceAllows monsters to spawn when you are on ice.
thor.height.highAllows you to receive affects if you are on high ground!
thor.height.lowAllows you to receive affects when on low ground!


(Outdated) How to use Thor version 2.3:


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