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! This project is inactive. Here's the source code https://github.com/Dutch-devil/TheWerewolf !
! Please PM me if you wish to start a new project using source code so we can team up and share ideas !

The Werewolf is the werewolf plug-in created to bring you the ultimate werewolf experience!

It’s ideas are based of various myths/legends and and our personal ideas about how the plug-in should function.

If you have any suggestions for the plug-in or need help, please tell us in the comments! We (Firemars and DutchyDev) are a dedicated team and will try to read and answer every single one!

RPGOverhead v1.0 is required for the latest version! This plugin will ensure compatibility with as many other RPG-style plugins as possible. It can be downloaded here.

We recommend that you also download both the Spout.jar for your server and use the SpoutCraft client so you can enjoy the full Werewolf experience!

The Werewolf features:

Almost every feature is customisable in the config file! All the features named here are the default settings.

To become a Werewolf, you have to get bitten (attacked) by a wolf or Werewolf at night and contract the Wolven-infection (small chance). This infection turns the Human into a Werewolf when they step outside the next night. It can be stopped by staying inside the night after contracting the infection.

  • A Werewolf automatically turns into his Wolf-form at night.
  • A Werewolf can sprint in Wolf-form by using the shift-key.
  • A Werewolf cannot wield weapons (low damage) while in Wolf-form, but does high unarmed damage!
  • A Werewolf cannot wield Armor while in Wolf-form, but has a high natural defense! When turning in a Werewolf, the player drops his armor.
  • When in wolf-form, all wolves are friendly (unless another Werewolf controls them).
  • Prevents your wolves from being damaged while you are offline.
  • Werewolves are very vulnerable to “Silver” (Iron) weapons.
  • A recipe creates an item that cures Werewolves and turns them back into humans, when using the item, there is a 1/4th chance the user is cured. There is no way of telling wether the user is actually cured until the next night.

Visuals & Audio (Requires Spout and Spoutcraft!):
Achievements with CustomAchievement!

  • The Infection - Contract the infection
  • The Werewolf - Turn into a Werewolf
  • The Packleader - Have some wolf-companions
  • The Spreader - Infect a human
  • New Sherrif in Town - Kill a fellow Werewolf
  • The Cure - Make a Werewolfism-cure

    When in wolf-form, character skin changes to a Werewolf skin.
    Howling sound when a character transforms

Permissions and Commands


Possible Future Features:

  • Customizeable per-player/per-group skins
  • When transforming to and from Wolf-form, the characters emits particles (similar to those of a Nether-portal).
  • Instead of damage prevention, despawn wolves while you are offline.
  • Whole new achievement screen with custom achievements.
  • Abitilies:
    Growl - Stuns nearby hostile creatures
    Anything else you submit!

Known Bugs:
Please help with this plugin by submitting any bugs you found while playing!


A BIG thanks to everyone who made this plugin possible!

The test team (Minecraft Names) A-Z:
(They also came with cool ideas for the plugin)

The default skin:
Beelzabeth, check him out, he makes some awesome skins!


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