Look in the %server%/plugins/TheWerewolf/config.yml file for these options. I only describe the more important/harder to understand options here.
Modifiers.Night.Resolution changes the update cycle speed. Slower servers should insert higher numbers
Modifiers.Hardcore, hardcore mode makes werewolfs drop their items and disables them to talk properly
Files.Skin for a custom skin file
Files.Howl for a custom howl noise (when turning into a werewolf)
Disallowed.Items Insert any number of comma separated (spaces are ignored) item materials or id's here. Werewolfs can't use these items in any way.
Multiplied.Weapons are the weapons which do extra damage to a werewolf
Recipe.Materials for a custom recipe, again item name or item id, or null if spot should be skipped (going from topleft corner to the right, then the next line etc.)
Recipe.Result for a custom cure item


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