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TheWalls is the best way to make your server run The Walls.

7/23/13: A new version for 1.6.2 has been released, and will be avalible for download soon. Bug fixes later this week -Madster

TheWalls is an easy way to make your server it's own automatic TheWalls server!

  • Configure different times, team sizes, min people to start game, and max people per game.
  • Have multiple The Walls maps running.
  • Automatic reset of maps when a game is over.
  • Keep records of kills, deaths, wins, and a leaderboard.
  • A deathmatch after a certain amount of time because you don't like waiting hours to find campers.
  • Configurable amount of time for the game and before deathmatch starts.
  • Allow for people to spectate players, (spectators are invisible).
  • People are not allowed to kill their teammates (permissions configurable.)
  • A little while after wall falls, people can't sneak, so less camping and hiding (permissions configurable.)
  • Permissions for things such as being allowed to kill teammates, and to sneak after no-sneak time.

Setup Information

Click here to look at the text version of the instructions.

Simple download the file below and move the extracted files into your main server folder.

How it Works

When there are atleast 4 people (on different teams) in the waiting que, a countdown to the next game will start.
When the next game starts, if people teamed up, they will be on the same team, if people didn't team, they will be by themselves, or with random people.
People will have 15 (configurable) minutes to collect resources on their side, after 15 minutes, the sand wall will be removed and people must try to survive.
Ten minutes (can change in config) after the wall has fallen, everyone will be teleported to the deathmatch area where they will fight.

Commands and Permissions

All server commands should be executed as shown WITHOUT [ ] or < >. < > = Required
[ ] = Optional

  • /tw help - Get general information about the plugin and commands.
  • /map - Get info about and a link to the original map.
  • /lobby - List all lobbies and the amount of time they have remaining.
  • /join - Join the waiting que for getting into a game.
  • /quit - Leave your game and/or the waiting que to get into a game.
  • /spec <name> - Teleport to people to watch them play.
  • /wait - Teleport back to the waiting area (spectators only).
  • /setwait - Set the waiting location where you are.
  • /setback - Set the backup location where you are.
  • /add - Add a new world.
  • /alldm - Force all games into deathmatch (I use this before reloading/shutting down the server).
  • /record [name] - With name, gets player's record, without name gets your record.
  • /top - Look at the leaderboard (top wins, kills, and deaths).
  • /team [msg] - With message, send message to team, without message, switch to team chat.
  • /g [msg] - With message, send global message, without message, switch to global chat.
  • /invite <name> - Invite player to be on your team.
  • /accept - Accept invite to a team.
  • /quitteam - Quit team and go solo.
  • /removeplayer <name> - Remove player from game.
  • /removefromque <name> - Remove player from que and/or game.


  • thewalls.join - Ability to use /join.
  • thewalls.quit - Ability to use /quit.
  • thewalls.gethelp - Ability to use /tw help.
  • thewalls.getlobbyinfo - Ability to use /lobby.
  • thewalls.getmapinfo - Ability to use /map.
  • thewalls.spectate - Ability to use /spec.
  • thewalls.tptowait - Ability to use /wait.
  • thewalls.setwait - Ability to use /setwait.
  • thewalls.setbackup - Ability to use /setback.
  • thewalls.addworld- Ability to use /add.
  • thewalls.forcedm - Ability to use /alldm.
  • thewalls.checkrecords - Ability to use /record.
  • thewalls.checktop - Ability to use /top.
  • - Ability to use /g.
  • - Ability to use /team.
  • thewalls.invitetoteam - Ability to use /invite.
  • thewalls.jointeam - Ability to use /accept.
  • thewalls.quitteam- Ability to use /quitteam.
  • thewalls.removeplayer - Ability to use /removeplayer and /removefromque.

  • thewalls.creativewaiting - Player gets creative when in waiting area (useful to not have when waiting area has puzzles/mazes).
  • thewalls.nosneakbypass - Two min after wall falls, people can't sneak, give this to people and they can still sneak.
  • thewalls.noplay.break - Ability for people to break blocks after they have /quit.
  • - Ability for people to break blocks after they have /quit.
  • thewalls.noplay.openchest - Ability for people to open chests after they have /quit.
  • thewalls.noplay.all - Ability to do everything after they have /qui
  • thewalls.teamkill - You cannot teamkill until the wall falls, people with this can teamkill.
  • thewalls.joinonlogin - Player automatically runs /join when they login.
  • thewalls.joinonrespawn - Player automatically runs /join when they respawn.

Config Options
  • Minimum people to start game.
  • Maximum people in a game.
  • Maximum amount of people per team.
  • Time before the wall falls.
  • Time before sent to deathmatch.
  • Are people removed when they quit.
  • Are people removed when they are kicked.


Sourcecode on Github | Report a Bug

Receive Updates

You can click HERE to get an email whenever there's an update to this plugin so you don't get stuck using an out of date version.

  • More permission support.
  • More things in the config.
  • /add command create new world instead of having to be in the new world.


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