[DEAD] TheShadbusher's Graylist

This plugin is dead! I've completely re-coded it and posted it under a different name. You can find it here.


TheShadbusher's Graylist


Do you have a server? Does your server get a lot of trolls and griefers? Want the madness to end? Look no further! TheShadbusher's Graylist plugin is here for you!


Players cannot break blocks, place blocks, chat, take or give out damage, or use commands until they are put into a rank that has the tsbgl.graylisted permission node.


As mentioned above, the only permission is tsbgl.graylisted, which allows a player to perform the previously-blocked actions.

Why doesn't it use a file to store graylisted players?

I went with this method of graylisting because a file would have to be accessed every time a player joins the server, breaks a block, places a block, uses a command, etc., and that would not be very efficient. This way, the only check is done by a permissions plugin which is what a permissions plugin does anyway, so it's a much more efficient alternative.

Additional Information

1. All of my plugins should be for the most part update-proof. Unless some core parts of the Bukkit API are changed, my plugins will function properly.


Effectiveness demonstration by me:

Tutorial by Y0urShad0vv:


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