The Hidden

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

TheHidden - A New Minecraft Minigame

What does this do?

I made this plugin because I thought that server owners would like to add some more fun into their server. This plugin was based off of GhostCraft and EvolutionGaming's servers, so I do not take any credit for the idea. Here is a brief description of what this plugin offers (written by Markillion; owner of EvolutionGaming):

The Hidden is a tactical based, deathmatch gamemode. Fast paced gameplay, invisible enemies, and well laid out obstacles will keep you on your toes at all times. The point of the game is to survive - whether you're the Hidden or the Seeker.

The Hidden has the ability to go invisible to hide from their enemies. Sneaking up on an enemy and attacking them from the back will instantly kill them. To go invisible the Hidden must simply right click while holding their sword. Invisibility does not last forever, so watch your chat to see how much longer you have left of invisibility! If spotted by a Seeker the Hidden will become visible, but may go invisble again to get an advantage.

The Seeker has full diamond armor and a diamond sword giving them higher defence against the Hidden. Watch your back! No amount of armor will save you if the Hidden gets the jump from behind. Survive long enough to take out the Hidden and you may have the chance of becoming the Hidden for the next round.

Items the player receives

The Hidden:

  • Iron Sword - Attack from behind and it's a one-hit kill
  • Bone - Right-click to throw it, after three seconds, it will explode and give all nearby seekers within a five block radius confusion and blindness potion effects
  • Magma Cream - Right-click to throw it, after three seconds it will explode and insta-kill seekers within a three block radius, and do five hearts of damage to seekers within a six block radius
  • Ghast Tear - Right-click to throw it, after three seconds it will explode and give players within a five block radius the poison effect for 6 seconds

The Seeker:

  • Diamond Armor - Higher defence than the Hidden
  • Diamond Sword - Higher damage than the Hidden
  • Snowballs - Reveal an invisible Hidden and cause minor damage (Coming Soon)
  • Tripwire - Makes a loud noise when crossed (Coming Soon)

How do I use this?

Please read over the Commands & Permissions page for a tutorial on how to use this plugin.

Do I need any other plugins for this to be functional?

Yes, you will need a few more plugins for this to work. As I update the plugin, I might have to add more plugin dependencies. Required Plugins:

  • TagAPI - Required for nametag manipulation.

Optional Plugins:

  • Vault - Optional for monetary rewards.

Help! It is not working!

Before you comment below or PM me, make sure that TagAPI is installed and running, and you have read over how to use the plugin. Also, make sure the world that all your TheHidden maps are in is named "thehidden". Currently the plugin will only accept map creations in a world named "thehidden".

Planned features

  • Finalizing seeker abilities (snowballs and tripwire)
  • Post ideas in the comments!

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I may post the source code for this plugin on GitHub once this project is finalized.


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