TheGreatSwordArtOnlineRPG v1.8


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    Feb 8, 2015
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8.1


v 1.8

It's necessary to delete the following things from v1.7



  • Fixed enormous skillbar bug, the skills in other skill bars got deleted when you added a skill to your skillbar.

v 1.7

It's necessary to delete the following things from v1.6

  • plugins/TheGreatSwordArtOnlineRPG/config.yml
  • plugins/TheGreatSwordArtOnlineRPG/Floors
  • plugins/TheGreatSwordArtOnlineRPG/messages.yml


  • Standard user can't use commands anymore
  • Setable portals to the previous and next floor
  • Changed prefix color
  • Added keepInventory
  • Added menue item
  • Added Logout item
  • Added link start item
  • Added new messages in messages.yml
  • Added new configs in config.yml
  • Removed link commands
  • Fixed multi world floors bug.
  • Fixed scoreboard bug.
  • Fixed skill delete bug.
  • Fixed headline bug.
  • Fixed placing special blocks bug.
  • Fixed console warnings.
  • Fixed console messages. (Color)
  • Fixed enchantments do not appear on multiple skills
  • Fixed double floor creating
  • Fixed skill inventory open bug

v 1.6


  • Fixed the big starting Bug

v 1.5

It's necessary to delete the following things from v1.2

  • plugins/TheGreatSwordArtOnlineRPG/config.yml
  • plugins/TheGreatSwordArtOnlineRPG/Skills
  • plugins/TheGreatSwordArtOnlineRPG/messages.yml


  • Players automatically log out from ingame rpg when they leave the server or the server restarts
  • Added anti lag detector (for skills)
  • Added completely new sao menue (/sao)
  • Added command /saoskills
  • Added command /saoitems
  • Added command /saofloors
  • Added command /saoworlds
  • Removed all known starting bugs from the previous versions.
  • Removed all known particle effects bugs and errors.
  • Added 100% skill creating ingame
  • Added skill delays
  • Added skill types (not supported but added for future use)
  • Added color support for display names
  • Added displayname and lore command
  • Added onhiteffects command
  • Added onhitparticles command
  • Added onhitsounds command
  • Added teleporting command
  • Added launches command
  • Added sounds command
  • Added particleffects command



  • Bug fixing
  • Removed strange 'OK' messages in the console



  • Bug fixing
  • Supports now 1.7.x and 1.8.x servers
  • Added messages.yml (for translating)
  • Added auto updater


  • Release