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The walls was a map created by hypixel to work with redstone and to stand alone by itself. After is huge popularity, many people have been wanting server mods so that they can get the minigame working on the own server without having to reset the map by itself.

The Walls plugin is a plugin the fully automates the walls and also makes them fully customisable.


  • Fully Automated walls
  • Chest restocking/Block Restoring
  • Support any walls map
  • Sorts players into teams
  • Can only build in the correct areas

Written Tutorial

A written tutorial for the plugin can be found here.

YouTube Tutorial

Heres the link. The walls tutorial

In Portuguese: The walls tutorial in Portuguese (Thanks to AbsintoJ)

Tutorial 2: The walls tutorial (Thanks to yanniclord)

Tutorial 3: The walls tutorial (Thanks to VariationVault)


Put into the plugin folder like any other minecraft server mod. Only needs TagAPI for versions and before to work. Get it Here: TagAPI Lastest versions of the plugin will start using scoreboards.


Source can be found within the jar file

Commands and Permissions

/Walls Helppermission for the commands they can useShows the commands that they can use
/Walls Join <ArenaName>walls.joinAllows join to join a walls arena
/Walls Leavewalls.joinAllows you to leave the walls
Select a region with a brickwalls.createAllows you to select a region with a brick
/Walls Create <ArenaName>walls.createAllows you to create arenas
/Walls Deletewalls.deleteAllows you to delete arenas
/Walls Toolwalls.createGives you the wand for creating the walls
/Walls Stopwalls.stopAllows you to stop all arenas - Buggy till next update, use at risk
/Walls Stop <ArenaName>walls.stopAllows you to stop a specific walls arena - Buggy till next update, use at risk
/Walls Startwalls.startAllows you to start the walls arena that you are in
/Walls Start <ArenaName>walls.startAllows you to start a specific walls arena
/Walls ListRegions <RegionType> <ArenaName>walls.listregionsAllows you to see the regions created
/Walls ShowRegion <RegionType> [Region-ID] <ArenaName>walls.showregionsThe sender get to see the arena regions highlighted in glowstone
/Walls DropLocation <ArenaName>walls.createAdds an area that will disappear went the walls need to drop
/Walls BuildRegionwalls.createAllows people to build between the two different points
/Walls SetWarp <WarpName> <ArenaName>walls.createSets warps for the walls. Lobby, Lose, Win
/Walls AddSpawn <Colour> <ArenaName>walls.createAdds a persons spawn point in the walls. Red, Blue, Green, Yellow
/Walls ArenaInfo <ArenaName>walls.infoChecks the infomation about the arenas
/Walls Time <Operator> <Time> <ArenaName>walls.timeSet the time the arena will last in seconds
/Walls Broadcast <Operator> <Time> <ArenaName>walls.broadcastWill tell people in the arena how long it is till the walls drop
/Walls AC <Operator> [Command] <ArenaName>walls.commandsEdits the Allowed Commands that are allowed to be used while playing the walls
/Walls Save <Config/Arena> [ArenaName],, people to save the config and arenas
/Walls Reload <Kits>walls.reload, walls.reload.kitsReloads the kits config
/Walls AutoUpdate [True/False]walls.autoupdateSet whether the plugin automatically downloads updates during server start up
Join using a signwalls.signjoinClick a sign and it will allow you to join the game

Sign Walls

How to create a join sign:

Line 1: [walls]

Line 2: join

Line 3: <arenaname>

How to create a kit sign:

Line 1: [walls]

Line 2: kit

Line 3: <Kit name>

Permission: walls.signwall

To break/remove the wall punch it with a brick

More coming soon...

How to set up kits

A tutorial on how to use them can be found here

Permissions for kits:

Walls.kit.* : Permission to use all the kits

Walls.kit.<kitname> : Permission to use a certain kit

Future Updates

I've decided that I'm not going to be releasing many new features to the plugin, mainly bug fixed and optimisation, whilst keeping the plugin updated, this is because I run CubeCraft ( which by itself if a lot of work, and currently being head developer and owner, it is fun working on other plugins at the same time as well, sorry for this!

Read before posting about a bug

If you are going to post a bug, make sure you try to include a link to an error log. Also tell me what you did, or when it happened that these errors started happening. Make error logs here


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