Force - the fate is yours....

Force is a lightweight plugin specialized for server owners and admins who want to either control their server better, have a new perspective on trolling or letting the players accuse someone else on purpose or just have some fun with their friends.

What makes this plugin special?

  • Force players to perform commands as if they would have done it
    • without them knowing
  • Force players to chat as if they would have done it
  • Force the console to perform commands
  • Easy to controll with
    • lots of permissions
    • config to suit your needs
    • and extra stuff like a whitelist if wanted


/force [player] msg/command - force players without knowing it

/forcecmd [command] - force the console itself (command without "/")

Permissions and config

  • force.bypass
    • if enabled in config, this permission protects you from getting forced
  • force.player
    • this permission lets you force players
  • force.cmd
    • if enabled in config, you can force the console to perform commands
force cmd: 'on' #on/off
whitelist: 'off' #on/off
bypass: 'on' #on/off

-when whitelist is enabled, just add the player names in the whitelist.txt in the Force folder to allow those to continue forcing. -when forcecmd is disabled players cant force the console -when bypass is enabled and a player has the permission 'force.bypass' then no one can force him


We appreciate every donation, which will encourage us to continue working on plugins and releasing them on bukkit in our spare time, help us keep this project alive and fresh with new updates, as it will also help us to finance the new server we are working on.

Thanks allot for your support!

We always appreciate bug-reports, videos and ideas for upcoming updates - just send a PM or post it in the chat below



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