This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

SurvivalGames Plugin by
List of features below:

  • Automated - Doesnt need admins on all the time!
  • Arena Regen - After each game the map resets
  • Spectating Support
  • Lobby System
  • You can name your world anything you want (there is a config file)

Some features will not be in the first releases but may be in future ones.
This plugin only allows one game per server and your server must be able to restart on its own. (Using multicraft or remotetoolkit)

Commands / Permissions - Click Here

How to use/setup the plugin.

  1. Download the latest version of the plugin.
  2. Put in plugins folder and run server
  3. Stop server, edit the config's to your liking.
  4. Put in the map you want into server root.
  5. Edit config to have the worldname
  6. Start server (set the world in to the world you have in the config)
  7. Goto each spawn and type /sg setgamespawn <number>
    - The numbers may only be from 1 upto the max players (player slot size)
  8. Get some players in and type /start or wait for server to start automatically.
  9. Have Fun!
    • Check the requirements before you do the above :P


  • MultiCraft or RemoteToolkit
  • Permissions Plugin (We use and recommend PEX)


  • Some kind of anti cheat - NoCheatPlus or AntiCheat
  • Anti-Spam plugin - ChatLimiter or SpamGuard - May add anti spam/swear/caps into the main plugin
  • Donation Plugin - To Buy VIP
  • I will be adding some kind of admin commands into the plugin so you dont need a plugin like essentials.

There aren't many features currently but will be soon :)
We dont have a release date for this plugin
Notice: Developers and Important people will have a coloured name.

Whos Who on this plugin?
TechGe3ks - njb_said and/or turwaithion_
XtremeGameDesign - Main Plugin Tester
CompassCraft - njb_said
Sponsered by

Any suggestions and feedback feel free to leave below.
Also if there are anythings you think I missed out of the lists tell me below :)


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