Changelog (version release notes)


  • Update to support SpoutPlugin 1203 and up (don't update if using SpoutPlugin version < 1203)


Primarily a compatibility release to support the upcoming CB 1.1-R5 and above.

  • Update to use the new Bukkit event system.
  • Removed the plugin's "loading" and "shutting down" log messages since Bukkit now handles those itself.


  • Fix for newest builds of Spout changing package location for CRCStore, causing fatal error
  • Update to handle Spout's questionable warning: "GenericLabel belonging to TexturePackMenu does not have a default size!"


  • Workaround fix for menu not always closing properly. With recent versions of Spoutcraft, due to a bug on their end which remains unfixed, if a player clicked the Next button in the texture pack menu to view additional pages, it would no longer close properly when they chose a texture pack or tried to cancel out. They would be forced to use the Escape key on their keyboard to get out of it.

There was no possible workaround as of Spoutcraft 718, but now that Spoutcraft 769 is released, at least this workaround is possible.


  • When a player chooses a texture pack from the menu, there is now a half-second delay before it is actually applied to prevent the menu from (confusingly) remaining up but unresponsive while the new texture pack is loading


  • If a texture pack with a bad URL is chosen by a player, the plugin now detects it in most cases and a warning will be added to the server log.
  • Added command /texture reload, which will reload the texture pack list from config.yml. Requires permission node "texturepackmenu.reload", which is granted by default to Ops and the server console.
  • Added command /texture reset <player>, which will reset the texture pack for the specified player to the server default. This can be useful if a player selects a texture pack which is larger than their allocated memory can handle. Requires permission node "texturepackmenu.reset", which is granted by default to Ops and the server console.


  • fix for extra empty choice page if there are exactly 10/20/30/etc. texture packs listed


  • The ability to choose a texture pack now requires the superperms (built-in Bukkit) permission "texturepackmenu.texture", which is granted by default. So, if you don't want certain players or groups to have the permission, you'll need to revoke/disable that permission.
  • When new players first log in to the server, they will now get a notification that they can use the /texture command to choose a texture pack (but only if they have the permission to do so).


  • Initial release.