TestqUiz v.2.1.6 - Light-weight testing!


Tests are good to keep most lazy griefers from griefing your server. The idea is this: Any griefers which are lazy won't bother griefing your server because they have to take a test. This wastes their time. This is what TestqUiz does! TestqUiz allows servers to have tests on them.

Wait ... so what is the difference between this and other testing plugins? With TestqUiz, you can create Tests using signs. Instead of players typing commands to answer a question, they walk down a pathway.


  • Answers being executed after walking over a sign
  • Three possible Answers: Correct, Incorrect, and Finish
  • Announcing, Logging, and notifying after a certain answer
  • Kicking and banning when a player gets an incorrect answer
  • Ability to bypass incorrect answers
  • Anti-Cheating
    • Prevents players from starting the test too early (after login)
    • Prevents a player from showing another player the answer
  • Vault compatible, which unlocks the following features (on finish):
    • Permission Group Add or Change
    • Economy Rewards
    • Item Rewards
  • Clears the plugin's memory to prevent server from crashing / lagging
  • Various permission nodes
  • Configurable settings for: Correct, Incorrect, and Finish Answers
  • Configurable messages
  • Custom Events (API)


  • /testquiz
    • Displays the current version of TestqUiz
  • /testquiz bypass
    • Turns on or off bypassing and Incorrect Answer
  • /testquiz reload
    • Reloads the config.yml, messages.yml, and users.yml.

Hooking into TestqUiz

TestqUiz does have custom Events! There is an AnswerPreprocessEvent, CorrectAnswerEvent, IncorrectAnswerEvent, and a FinishAnswerEvent! Clicky here for a tutorial on GitHub.

Plugins which currently use the TestqUiz API: Testquiz


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  1. Add custom messages (From @nhoclesnar)
  2. Add a way to ban (From @nhoclesnar)
  3. Add a way to rank-up after finishing (using a permissions plugin)
  4. Add per-world support!
  5. Add custom commands to be executed after a certain answer (From @saimon13)
  6. Add a message to notify how many incorrect answers you have left before a kick or ban (From @nhoclesnar)
  7. Add McMyAdmin support (From @saimon13) ?
  8. Add custom teleport locations on incorrect answer
  9. Broadcast if someone passes the test (From @nhoclesnar)
  10. Add more commands
  11. Clean up code


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