Tesseract is a minimal approach to the concept of massive storage systems. It looks like an Essentials sign and it allows you to store a nearly limitless number of items, as long as they're all the same.





Supports WorldGuard 7.0 to ensure that only members of a region can access its contents.

Capacity exceeds all reasonable needs: 10 billion stacks

No out-of-world file storage: Item type and quantity are stored on the sign itself

Can be easily hacked (by admins) to spawn limited quantities of an item for players





Tesseracts can store any item which is not enchanted, named or decorated with lore.

To create a Tesseract, simply place a sign and write [Tesseract] into the top line.

Only empty Tesseracts can be broken by regular players. You can destroy them by breaking the block the sign is attached to using Superpick.


Direct interaction:

Right click on a Tesseract to store the item you are holding

Double-right-click to store all items of that type from your inventory

Sneak-right-click to store single items


Left click to withdraw one stack of the contents

Sneak-left-click to withdraw single items




If a Tesseract is attached to a Dropper (and not empty), the dropper will, when receiving a redstone pulse, store its contents in the Tesseract. Multiple Tesseracts can be attached to different sides of the Dropper which will sort the items accordingly.

Due to limitations of Bukkit servers, you should make the output of the Dropper point back into the Hopper feeding it. Otherwise the Dropper will emit an item, which would end up on the floor.





tesseract.use: Use Tesseracts in your own protection

tesseract.use.anywhere: Use Tesseracts anywhere

tesseract.create: Create Tesseracts




A base equipped with Tesseracts for food



Reference implementation of an automatic item storage


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