TempleCraft Alpha 0.46.7


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    Dec 14, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.5-R0.2


Version 0.46.7

  • Added Mob-Mode option - > Just add the mode to your TC sign right after the MobType (e.g. Skeleton:1; Slime:3; Cow:1, Zombie:2, .. etc.)
    1 = Baby, 2 = Villager, 3 = Baby Villager
    1 = Wither Skeleton
    X = Size
    Cow, Sheep, Chicken, Pig, Wolf
    1 = Baby
  • Temporary fix for Mob standard-equipement bug in Bukkit. Skeletons have Bows again and WitherSkeletons have StoneSwords. Zombiepigman get GoldSword.
  • Added BOSS term to bossmobs in the kill-message.
  • Fixed LavaSlime size
  • Set IronGolems to not be player-built
  • Added a redstone input when bosses die. If a boss gets killed a redstone torch is placed 2clocks below the sign if there is air where the torch wants to be placed and the block below is solid.
  • Fixed enchanted class armor bug. Armor should be enchanted properly now. For knockback etc. on armor you still need to enable the allowunsafeenchantments option in the config file.
  • All potion effects are cleared when a player dies or leaves the temple. Includes Wither-effect.
  • Little bit of recoding since the project has gotten pretty messy.
  • Prepared the code to prevent monsters from despawning in temples - > coming 1.4.5 R3.0.
  • Minor changes on the LivingBomb ability -> Visible explosion enlarged, damage increased.
  • Revamped task reading in the whole plugin to prevent rare server crashes. Still working on it!

Version 0.46.6

  • Tried to prevent server downs reported by larger servers running multiple temples at the same time - ticking entity error. -> Thisis a first try to fix the problem.
  • Added option to not use heroes in temples if the plugin is installed. Just add use-heroes: false to your config file and it should not load heroes for temples.
  • Added code for future bukkit versions: - Mob despawning - Mob Armor

Version 0.46.5

  • New Boss ability "flaming" (F) wich renders the mob immune to fire and set it on fire after being cast. Adds movespeed.
  • Minor improvements

Version 0.46.4

  • Added a new reload command. Simple use it as /tct reload to reload the plugin,end all open temples and remove all tempWorld files.
  • Added a new clean Command. By /tct clean this should try to remove all non-active temple-files and remove them from the manager.
    - > This may not work in every situation, Thats where /tct reload comes in.
  • Rewarding system overhauled. Items with same item id but different information (red/blue wool or 2 differently enchanted iron swords) Will now be given out properly! This huge bug was not reported over a long time, really strange..
  • Commands are now case-insenitive

Version 0.46.3

  • 1.4.5 compatability
  • Disabled block drops from materials that are allowed to be destroyed by players if dropblocks is set to false in the config
  • Fixed bug that redownloaded language EN file after every server startup. -> Be sure to add version=1 in the file when editing it!
  • Disabled useage of ender chests in temples (Do you need a config for this?)
  • Custom bosses saved in the bosses.yml are now properly loaded including abilities. -> Add them using <customBossName from config file> on the second line of a [TCB] sign!

Version 0.46

  • Added 1.4.2 compatibility
  • Added missing Javadoc for developers using the API
  • Many Bug fixes
  • Changes to entities (Patch, well be recoded)
  • Many other minor things
  • Mobs tend to suffocate in walls
  • EditWorlds sometimes are not deleted when the editing player disconnects (clean seems to not help either in that situation, try reload)
  • Rare TickList out of sync bug. Have you seen it??
  • World saving process is slow with the newest bukkit versions (/tct save multiple times before /tct leave)
  • Blocks still drop when eaten by a Wither
  • Buttons / Torches / etc. drop when the block they where attached to gets destroyed by tnt
  • Arrows from dispensers can be picked up -> Bug?
  • Mobs disappear / dies when all player are in the lobby and the distance between the mob and the lobby is to high
  • EnderDragons do what they want (currently i don't fix this because it's really tricky)