This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.



TeleportingBundle conbine several teleporting features for your Minecraft server. It's very usefull for every server. Serveradmins can set a serverspawn and warps, normal players can teleports oneself to spawn or warps. Players can also set own homes, or can use the /back command, which will teleport you to your last death location. All commands can be enabled separately, so you can configure this plugin according to your ideas.


  • global serverspawn
  • warps
  • homes
  • back
  • multi worlds
  • fast and easy to use
  • permissions for every command
  • colourable and editable Messages
  • compatible with minecraft 1.8 and 1.9

How to install:

  • Download the plugin and save it to /plugins/
  • Start your server
  • Go to /plugins/teleportingbundle/ and edit your config.yml (optional)
  • Give players permission (it is recommended to use a permission plugin)
  • Restart your server

Here you can download the configuration (with the messages) in other languages.

Commands & Permissions:

/home <name> Teleport you to your home teleportingbundle.home
/homes Shows you a list of your homes
/sethome <name> Place a new home teleportingbundle.sethome
You can set an unlimited amount of homes teleportingbundle.unlimitedhomes
/delhome [name] Delete a home teleportingbundle.delhome
/warp [name] Teleport you to a warp teleportingbundle.warp
/warps Shows a list with all warps teleportingbundle.warps
/setwarp [name] Place a new warp teleportingbundle.setwarp
/delwarp [name] Delete a Warp teleportingbundle.delwarp
/spawn Teleport you to the Spawn teleportingbundle.spawn
/setspawn Place the Spawn teleportingbundle.setspawn
/back Teleport you to your last death location teleportingbundle.back
/tpa [player] Send a player a teleport request to teleport you to him teleportingbundle.tpa
/tpahere [player] Send a player a teleport request to teleport him to you teleportingbundle.tpahere
/tpaccept Accept a teleport request teleportingbundle.tpaccept
/tpadeny Denys a teleport request teleportingbundle.tpadeny
/tpall <group> Teleport all players or only players with permission[insert groupname] teleportingbundle.tpall

Description for Command /tpall

When using the command /tpall without any argument, simply all players on your server will be teleported to you. When you want to teleport all vip player to you, you can give all vip players the permission through your permission plugin. Because the vip players now have this permission you can use the command /tpall vip, which will teleport all vip players to you.
You can change the groupnames, according to your servergroups, for example:
/tpall admin --> will teleport all players with permission:
/tpall vip --> will teleport all players with permission:
/tpall user --> will teleport all players with permission:

If you have any issues or have any suggestion to add to the plugin just write a comment.



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