The premier teleporting solution for bukkit powered servers


  • A complete set of multi-world teleporting commands that just feel right.
  • The TP Tool
  • The TP Mover
  • Glassed teleporting Now client-side!
  • TP Requests (for worlds with teleporting disabled, allows your staff to take requests)

Glassed Teleporting

When you are glassed by a Tele++ command you are not placed on an ordinary glass block. The block placed under your feet is linked to you. If you walk off of it it vanishes right behind yourself. No more cleaning up to do. This block is sent client-side so no one but you will see it (can be configured to be a real block).

If you left-click on it while standing on your floating glass block, it will move down a configurable amount of blocks. Five by default. This will allow you to gracefully change altitude if you plan to get to the ground. Feel free to jump off your glass block at any height. You'll not be harmed.

TP Tool

The tool will give you self-teleport abilities. Left click anywhere and you are there!. Right clicking will pass you through walls and solid objects. Don't worry you'll safely transported to the other side.

You don't need to type any commands to enable this. If you have the permissions, then the configured item will have this property. For convenience you can type the /tp tool command to spawn the item in your hand (by default a feather).

If you have an item in your hand that is not the tool item it will be placed back in your inventory before putting the tool item in your hand. If you already have the tool item somewhere in your inventory it will be placed in your hand rather than spawning a new one. In other words the /tpp tool will "just work".

TP Mover

This will be one of the funniest tools in your arsenal. While the tool lets you teleport yourself around, the mover will let you teleport everything else around. Left click to tag something and right click to teleport it away.

With this you can taleport blocks, players, animals, mobs, and other entities around. Imagine a pesky player is trying to PvP one of your non-god mods while he is building? He can put that player on a mountain top in just two clicks! Need some sheep for your animal farm? Hes gone.

Left click a block and right click somewhere else to teleport it. The /tp mover command will put the configured item in your hand (by default a bone).





Issues or Feature Requests (latest dev builds)


Thanks to:

tkelly's awesome original version: TelePlus

lycano's item duping bugfix and community help


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