Node Groups

tpp.admin.*#give to admins
tpp.mod.*#give to moderators*#give to all players who you want to tp
tpp.jump.*#give to all players who you want to jump
tpp.others.*#give to all players who you want to tp other players*#give to all players who you want to tp to worlds
tpp.request#give these players the ability to request tp's from those who have the tpp.mod.take permission

Node Details

tpp.admin.bypass.log#tps will not be logged
tpp.admin.bypass.notify#tps will not be shown in notifications
tpp.admin.bypass.notp#can tp to players who have notp flag set
tpp.admin.options#can get/set option values through /tp options <node> <value>
tpp.mod.notify#will be shown in-game notification of all tp activity
tpp.mod.tool#will be able to use /tp tool
tpp.mod.mover#will be able to use /tp mover
tpp.mod.notp#noone will be able to tp or summon these players
tpp.mod.mass#will be able to use /tp mass
tpp.mod.take#will be able to use /tp take to take requests
tpp.mod.above#will be able to use /tp above and /tp above [height] be able to see the /tp help/menu be able to use /tp [player] be able to use /tp [x] [y] [z] be able to use /tp here [player] be able to use /tp toggle be able to use /tp back be able to use /tp origin be able to use /tp clear be able to use lightning teleportation
tpp.others.player#will be able to use /tp [player(s)] to [player]
tpp.others.coords#will be able to use /tp [player(s)] to [x] [y] [z] be able to use /tp [world] <x> <y> <z> be able to use /tp top
tpp.jump.up#will be able to use /tp up
tpp.jump.jump#will be able to use /tp jump
tpp.request#will be able to use /tp request [player/coords] [reason]
tpp.version#will be able to use /tp version


If using ops.txt then ops will have all permissions and non-ops will have all except ttp.mod.* or ttp.admin.* You can remove the no-tp, no-log, and no-notification permissions from admins by adding a negative permission node to your admin group like:

- -tpp.admin.bypass.*


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