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Telepads is a tool which you can use to set up simple teleportation systems within your multiplayer world. You may create 'pads' which are linked and can be stepped over for simple teleportation. This plugin supports multiworld due to the awesomeness of bukkit, and how easy the bukkit API makes this. All permissions within the plugin default to operator status if they have not been assigned, but the use permission, which sets to 'true' by default... meaning any player can use the pads. To setup a teleport pad, follow the below instructions:

  1. Stand on platform material (defined in config file)
  2. Type /createpad <name>, replacing <name> with the name of the teleport pad
  3. Create another pad at your destination
  4. Use /padlink <pad> <otherpad> to link the two pads, replacing <pad> and <otherpad> with the names of your pads.

It really is that easy! Telepads was designed with easy-to-use teleportation features in mind, so this is really what it was made for!

Video, thanks so much BrandonHopkins!

Permissions & commands


  • /createpad <name> Creates a teleport pad with the specified name
  • /padlink <pad1> <pad2> links two teleport pads together
  • /padunlink <pad> Sets the destination of a pad to be nowhere
  • /delpad <pad> deletes a teleport pad.
  • /padlist Lists all the available teleport pads and links


  • telepads.create Defines if a player or group can create a telepad
  • telepads.delete Defines if a player can delete a teleport pad
  • telepads.use Configures if a player can use teleport pads by stepping on them
  • Defines if a player can link telepads
  • telepads.list Defines if a player can summon the telepad list
  • telepads.pads Allow the player to use all teleport pads
  • telepads.pads.<name> Allow the player to use a specified teleport pad

Sample Configuration

Below is a sample configuration file for telepads. Stick this in your telepads configuration file (plugins/telepads/config.yml) and configure it as necessary. Note that the configuration file will also automatically generate the first time you use this plugin.

# For type ID's, go to
    # Type ID of the telepad material (goto the wiki link above).
    type_id: 1
    # Whether or not the message 'No Destination' when the pad isn't linked is enabled.
    nodestmsg_enabled: true
    # Time standing on the pad (seconds) before you get teleported.
    teleport_time: 3
  # Message when you delete a teleport pad
  delete: Teleport pad %pad% removed.
  # When you link pads, this message displays
  link: Successfully linked %pad% to %pad2%
  # The wait message, which shows before being teleported with the time it will take.
  wait: You will depart from here in %time%
    # Whether or not the teleport message is enabled
    enable: true
    # The message that appears on teleport.
    message: You have arrived at %pad%

Sample Permissions

TelePads has a Permission system which allows different users different ways to interact with the pads. Due to the complexity of this, here's a simple guide to configuring permissions for use alongside TelePads.

# A normal player
   - telepads.use
   - telepads.pads

# A limited user, can only use the pad named 'spawn'
   - telepads.use
   - telepads.pads.spawn

# An elevated permissions user
   - telepads.use
   - telepads.pads
   - telepads.create
   - telepads.delete
   - telepads.list

Future Plans

  • Teleport pad random outcome/multiple exits
  • Command simplification

This plugin uses the default bukkit permissions (SuperPerms). If you find only ops can do everything, then you are using an outdated permissions plugin. The plugin named 'Permissions' for example, is outdated. Post me a pm or comment if you have any issues.


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