The original TekkitInspired plugin had many unresolved issues that made the plugin, at times, unusable. In order to fix that, TekkitInspired has made a return with a load of new features and more customization than before! Since this plugin is such a big project, I've decided that I will release updates of the plugin in "snapshots" as Mojang would call it. I will work on adding various machines and mechanics to the plugin and then once that bit is done, I will upload that for all of you to download.


  • Automate the process of generating cobblestone using Block Breakers! Block Breakers will break most blocks in front of it when powered!
  • Create a redstone loop easily using the Redstone Timer item! Right click to decrease timer speed and shift right click to increase it.


[7/5/2013] - Block Breaker update: Add's Block Breakers and Redstone Timer's into the game.
[7/7/2013] - Mining Well update: Add's Mining Wells into the game along with upgrades to increase the Mining Well's speed.
[7/14/2013] - Furnace update - Pipes are now compatible with furnaces. Put fuel in the bottom, cookables in the top, and pull the results out of the right of the furnace.


Videos and Screenshots!


Supports PermissionsEx, bPermissions, and GroupManager

  • tekkitinspired.craft.<machinename>
  • tekkitinspired.place.<machinename>
  • tekkitinspired.inventory.autoequip - Will auto-equip items/blocks when you run out of them in your hand
  • tekkitinspired.give


  • /giveitem [itemname] - Item names may differ from machine names below and not all items can be given.

Machine Names

  • Block Breaker - "blockbreaker"
  • Deployer - "deployer"
  • Filter - "filter"
  • Motor - "motor"
  • Support Frame - "frame"
  • Mining Well - "miningwell"
  • Mining Well Iron Upgrade - "miningwell1"
  • Mining Well Gold Upgrade - "miningwell2"
  • Mining Well Diamond Upgrade - "miningwell3"
  • Quarry - "quarry"
  • Quarry Iron Upgrade - "quarry1"
  • Quarry Gold Upgrade - "quarry2"
  • Quarry Diamond Upgrade - "quarry3"
  • Redstone Timer - "redstonetimer"
  • Jetpack - "jetpack"
  • World Anchor - "anchor"


Auto-equiping has been added to the newest version of TekkitInspired. It will auto-replenish items in your hand if you run out of them. Example: I have one dirt block in my hand and 64 somewhere else in my inventory. I place the dirt and the 64 dirt that were elsewhere now transfer over into my hand. This feature is enabled by default but can be changed by adding "auto-equip: false" into the config.yml.

Item Recipes

Block Breaker

Will break blocks for you!

Redstone Timer

Easily make redstone loops with this timer!

Mining Well

Will mine straight down and give you any of the blocks it finds! Right click on the machine to open it's inventory. Requires fuel such as lava buckets, coal, and charcoal and can also accept upgrades.

Mining Well Iron Upgrade

Makes the mining well 25% faster!

Mining Well Gold Upgrade

Makes the mining well 50% faster!

Mining Well Diamond Upgrade

Makes the mining well 75% faster!


Pull items out of chests and make sorting machines easily by filtering only certain items through each filter!


The Quarry will mine out a specified area and give you all the blocks it mines. You can also customize the size of the Quarry using torches!

Quarry Iron Upgrade

Makes the Quarry mine 25% faster!

Quarry Gold Upgrade

Makes the Quarry mine 50% faster!

Quarry Diamond Upgrade

Makes the Quarry mine 75% faster!


Lame description!

Support Frame

Lame description!

Frame Motor

Lame description!


Press your sneak key to use. Will kick you if used too much on servers that have flying disabled

World Anchor

Keeps chunks within 2 blocks of the machine loaded in even if the player is not nearby

Find a bug?

Just make a ticket going into detail about the bug and I'll be sure to get to it as soon as possible!

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