TekkitRestrict 2.0 Release


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    Aug 2, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.2.5


[TekkitRestrict v2.0 Release Changes]

Please note: TekkitRestrict 2.0 Uses new Config files. You will have to manually update your configs. More info about this will be displayed on first startup of TekkitRestrict 2.0.

The main features/fixes/changes are:

  • Fixes Tile Entity bug!
  • New Configuration with better explanations and more possibilities.
  • LogFilter, LogSplitter and LogEnhancer to purify your console and logs!
  • BannedClicks - Ban clicking in certain inventories!
  • /clearalc and /tr admin unloadchunks
  • Many performance updates and bugfixes


  • Completely new configuration, with better explanation and more possibilities
  • Cleanups
  • Rewritten large parts of the code to make them more efficient
  • Improved saving and performance of threads.
  • I have been so busy, that I have worked on things ages ago. I may have forgotten many changes.
  • When a banned item is removed from your inventory, it is now stated why it was removed (LimitedCreative/BannedItem)

LogFilter and LogSplitter

  • New LogFilter and new LogSplitter
  • You can now filter/split on regex, equals, startswith, endswith or contains.
  • Case sensitive is possible.
  • Filter messages only from console / only from logs / both


  • Change the messages in the logs and in the console to better ones
  • Warning: some knowledge of regexes required.


  • Added /clearalc <player> <color|all> - Clear a / all alchemy bags of a player
  • Added /openinv <player> - Open the inventory of a player (that is offline)
  • Added /tr admin unloadchunks <low|normal|high|extreme> - Unload chunks, see ingame help for more information.
  • Improved /openalc, no longer do you have to close your inventory twice.


  • New Feature: Ban clicking on items in certain inventories
  • For example, you can ban Right-Clicking on Redstone in Collectors


  • Fixed tons of bugs and problems
  • Fixed Nasty tile entity crash
  • Fixed LWC blocker not blocking the addition of covers to already existing ones.
  • Fixed using wrench on blocks causing tr to think the block is removed (could bypass limits)
  • Fixed Fly hack kicking players with flying rings.
  • Fixed Fly hack checking for blocks incorrectly.
  • Fixed Fly hack Quantum Boots not properly increasing the minheight.
  • Fixed Forcefield hack triggering for nether ores
  • And tons of other fixes.


  • Added option to add Tekkit Material names (instead of x128, the block will now be EEChest)
  • Added option to add EE item names to Essentials. (You can do /i condenser 20)
  • Renamed DisableClick to BannedInteract to prevent confusion.

[TekkitRestrict v1.21 Beta 1 and 2 Changes]

The main features/fixes/changes are:

  • Better performance - TekkitRestrict can use up to 70% less cpu if you are using safezones, about 5-10% if you are not.
  • Native safezones - Safezones without other plugins. Simple, less restrictive, faster.
  • Added database transferring - Transfer your database from sqlite to mysql or back!
  • Fixes for alot of anti-hack bugs - Forcefield hack no longer kicks players for mining nether ores, for shooting people with the Grimarch Ring, blowing up other players, etc.

Full changelog


  • Updater now triggers after all plugins have loaded so it will no longer make the server freeze shortly when downloading an update.
  • TekkitRestrict now adds 2 missing Nether Ores recipes on load. (This fixes certain Nether Ores not being macerateable in tekkit)
  • HUGE performance improvements in ItemDisablerThread. (The more players you have, the more performance improvements you will see)
  • Small performance improvements in other threads, for safezones and for TRNoHackFLy.
  • Added version detection for EEPatch if you use /tr about (and you have the tekkitrestrict.admin permission)


  • Fixed limiter error
  • Fixed some Database Issues
  • Fixed bug where config files would keep on spamming warnings for missing values
  • Modified messages to not split command and explanation after 55 characters for the console.
  • Fixed a few mistakes in the NameProcessor
  • Fixed TREMCSet triggering before EE has loaded.


  • Fixed FlyHack triggering instantly on certain occasions.
  • Fixed forcefieldhack triggering when you mine Nether ores.
  • Fixed forcefieldhack triggering when you hit a player with arrows from the archangel's smite.
  • Fixed anti-tankcartglitch triggering when it shouldn't.
  • Fixed console getting double dupe and hack messages


  • Added Database transferring


  • Implemented TekkitRestrict Native safezones - Add them where you want, without any other plugins. Just use /tr admin safezone addnative <x1> <z1> <x2> <z2> <name> where [x1, z1] are the coordinates of one corner and [x2, z2] are the coordinates of another.
  • Added small range to entity remover to make it less intensive. (might remove again later)


  • Updated GeneralConfig to include some new comments.
  • Updated LoggingConfig to filter out "Sending Triang " by default.
  • Slightly updated the EEPatch.config.yml
  • Fixed potential problems with the config upgrader if the string to be upgraded contained double quotes


  • Added TransmutionTablet and Philosopher's Stone blocking.


  • Added /tr admin safezone addnative <x1> <z1> <x2> <z2> <name>
  • Added /tr admin test <class> <field> - A debug command to get values from the config cache and EEPatch.
  • Added db warnings (/tr warnings db)

Warnings and Logging

  • Added more warnings when there are missing settings.
  • Made all errors/warnings also log to the debug config.
  • Improvements and changes to Log and FileLog


  • Decreased TMetrics params size
  • Added more message functionality to TMetrics
  • Do not use AlchemicalChestFix in conjunction with TekkitRestrict. TekkitRestrict contains the fix as of 1.20 Dev 2, and using them both could cause items to be duped.