TekkitRestrict 2.0 Beta 1


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    Mar 2, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.2.5


[TekkitRestrict v2.0 Beta 1 Changes]

Please note: Please make a backup of your tekkitrestrict folder and remove it. Create a new folder (on case sensitive systems (linux, mac osx?) name it TekkitRestrict). Copy the uid and the data.db (if you are using SQLite) to the new folder and let tekkitrestrict generate new config files.

The main features/fixes/changes are:

  • Fixes Tile Entity bug!
  • New Configuration with better explanations and more possibilities.
  • LogFilter, LogSplitter and LogEnhancer to purity your console and logs!
  • BannedClicks - Ban clicking in certain inventories!
  • /clearalc and /tr admin unloadchunks


  • Completely new configuration, with better explanation and more possibilities
  • Cleanups
  • Rewritten large parts of the code to make them more efficient
  • Improved saving and performance of threads.
  • I have been so busy, that I have worked on things ages ago. I may have forgotten many changes.
  • When a banned item is removed from your inventory, it is now stated why it was removed (LimitedCreative/BannedItem)

LogFilter and LogSplitter

  • New LogFilter and new LogSplitter
  • You can now filter/split on regex, equals, startswith, endswith or contains.
  • Case sensitive is possible.
  • Filter messages only from console / only from logs / both


  • Change the messages in the logs and in the console to better ones
  • Warning: some knowledge of regexes required.


  • Added /clearalc <player> <color|all> - Clear a / all alchemy bags of a player
  • Added /openinv <player> - Open the inventory of a player (that is offline)
  • Added /tr admin unloadchunks <low|normal|high|extreme> - Unload chunks, see ingame help for more information.
  • Improved /openalc, no longer do you have to close your inventory twice.


  • New Feature: Ban clicking on items in certain inventories
  • For example, you can ban Right-Clicking on Redstone in Collectors


  • Fixed tons of bugs and problems
  • Fixed Nasty tile entity crash
  • Fixed LWC blocker not blocking the addition of covers to already existing ones.
  • Fixed using wrench on blocks causing tr to think the block is removed (could bypass limits)
  • Fixed Fly hack kicking players with flying rings.
  • Fixed Fly hack checking for blocks incorrectly.
  • Fixed Fly hack Quantum Boots not properly increasing the minheight.


  • Added option to add Tekkit Material names (instead of x128, the block will now be EEChest)
  • Added option to add EE item names to Essentials.
  • Renamed DisableClick to BannedInteract to prevent confusion.

[TekkitRestrict v1.21 Beta 1 and 2 Changes]

The main features/fixes/changes are:

  • Better performance - TekkitRestrict can use up to 70% less cpu if you are using safezones, about 5-10% if you are not.
  • Native safezones - Safezones without other plugins. Simple, less restrictive, faster.
  • Added database transferring - Transfer your database from sqlite to mysql or back!
  • Fixes for alot of anti-hack bugs - Forcefield hack no longer kicks players for mining nether ores, for shooting people with the Grimarch Ring, blowing up other players, etc.

Full changelog


  • Updater now triggers after all plugins have loaded so it will no longer make the server freeze shortly when downloading an update.
  • TekkitRestrict now adds 2 missing Nether Ores recipes on load. (This fixes certain Nether Ores not being macerateable in tekkit)
  • HUGE performance improvements in ItemDisablerThread. (The more players you have, the more performance improvements you will see)
  • Small performance improvements in other threads, for safezones and for TRNoHackFLy.
  • Added version detection for EEPatch if you use /tr about (and you have the tekkitrestrict.admin permission)


  • Fixed limiter error
  • Fixed some Database Issues
  • Fixed bug where config files would keep on spamming warnings for missing values
  • Modified messages to not split command and explanation after 55 characters for the console.
  • Fixed a few mistakes in the NameProcessor
  • Fixed TREMCSet triggering before EE has loaded.


  • Fixed FlyHack triggering instantly on certain occasions.
  • Fixed forcefieldhack triggering when you mine Nether ores.
  • Fixed forcefieldhack triggering when you hit a player with arrows from the archangel's smite.
  • Fixed anti-tankcartglitch triggering when it shouldn't.
  • Fixed console getting double dupe and hack messages


  • Added Database transferring


  • Implemented TekkitRestrict Native safezones - Add them where you want, without any other plugins. Just use /tr admin safezone addnative <x1> <z1> <x2> <z2> <name> where [x1, z1] are the coordinates of one corner and [x2, z2] are the coordinates of another.
  • Added small range to entity remover to make it less intensive. (might remove again later)


  • Updated GeneralConfig to include some new comments.
  • Updated LoggingConfig to filter out "Sending Triang " by default.
  • Slightly updated the EEPatch.config.yml
  • Fixed potential problems with the config upgrader if the string to be upgraded contained double quotes


  • Added TransmutionTablet and Philosopher's Stone blocking.


  • Added /tr admin safezone addnative <x1> <z1> <x2> <z2> <name>
  • Added /tr admin test <class> <field> - A debug command to get values from the config cache and EEPatch.
  • Added db warnings (/tr warnings db)

Warnings and Logging

  • Added more warnings when there are missing settings.
  • Made all errors/warnings also log to the debug config.
  • Improvements and changes to Log and FileLog


  • Decreased TMetrics params size
  • Added more message functionality to TMetrics
  • Do not use AlchemicalChestFix in conjunction with TekkitRestrict. TekkitRestrict contains the fix as of 1.20 Dev 2, and using them both could cause items to be duped.