TekkitRestrict 1.18 Dev 2


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    Sep 23, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.2.5


[TekkitRestrict v1.18 Dev 2 Changes]

  • Removed most cache interactions and replaced them with a more efficient system.
  • Efficiency improvements
  • Disabled metrics as the service has stopped.


  • Limiter now works as it should and interprets configlimit correctly
  • Limiter now supports group permissions (tekkitrestrict.limiter.ee.2)
  • Limiter now uses a permission cache. If you change someones limiter permissions, use /tr admin reload limiter for it to update.

Chunk Unloader:

  • Changed ChunkUnloader in an attempt to stop it from throwing errors. Seems to be better now.


  • Config files should now auto update to newer versions, but it is becoming abit messy. I recommend you delete the SafeZones and TRPerformance config files and let them be remade by tekkitrestrict.
  • Config files are now less strict with item strings and interpret them correctly.


  • Added debug command
  • Added /tr reload subcommands to only reload certain parts of tr.
  • You can now check someones limits if he is offline.
  • You can now clear someones limits if he is offline.
  • use /tr warnings <load|config|other> to view warnings that occurred since tekkitrestrict has been running.


  • Fixed typo's in error messages.
  • Fixed openalc bug when the viewer of the bag is also the owner of that bag.
  • Fixed bugs with RPTimerSetter. (It now works perfectly)
  • Fixed bug where the forcefield anti-hack triggered when you shot somone with an arrow.


  • Generalized warning messages.

[TekkitRestrict v1.18 Dev 1 Changes]

  • Fixed bug where NoClick doesn't work properly when you click on the air (ticket 279)
  • Added potential fix for ComputerCraft turtles + Automatic Crafting Tables MK2 dupe. (ticket 286)
  • Added fix for Automatic Crafting Table MK2 and Block breaker dupe. (ticket 282)
  • Removed MicroPermissions and replaced them with GroupPermissions.

[TekkitRestrict v1.17 Release Changes]

  • Fixed critical bug where openalc could cause clients to freeze and servers to crash.

[TekkitRestrict v1.16 Release Changes]
Note: The config files have changed again, but this time they should automatically be updated.


  • Added option to patch computercraft to prevent certain ComputerCraft scripts from crashing your server.
  • Added MySQL support.


  • Added more error messages and better error reporting.
  • Fixed alot of bugs I found while enabling more error messages.
  • Possibly fixed quarries not working/not quarrying the proper area.


  • Fixed safezones not storing locations.
  • SafeZones now cause less lag.
  • /tr admin safezone check now reports correct information.
  • Fixed specific griefprevention safezones

Banned Items:

  • Fixed banned items not being removed all at once from someones inventory.


  • Fixed critical bug where players with similar names could share limits.
  • Fixed bug where limiter permissions didn't work.
  • Fixed limiter not always checking the config for limits.
  • Fixed bug where limiter sometimes didn't remove limits when someone else removed a players blocks.


  • Removed some inventory checks for banned items in creative to prevent players from crashing.


  • Made noitem, limiter and limitedcreative faster in checking for banned items.
  • Cleaned up code


  • Fixed the chunkunloader
  • Added more options for the chunkunloader:
    • Per world max chunks and the order in which to unload chunks.


  • Fixed /openalc
  • Fixed /openalc randomly closing
  • Added some missing help information
  • Added /tr about
  • Added /tr warnings - Displays warnings that were thrown during load. (they often get missed in the long list of logmessages)


  • Fixed updater bug


  • Updated metrics to the new version.


  • Cleaned up database code
  • Added more and more informative database messages
  • Added MySQL support.


  • Fixed RPTimer not setting Timers to the correct time.


  • Wrote some implementation for my upcoming EEPatch release.
    • Note: Unless if you have my EEPatch release, you will not notice any changes.