TekkitRestrict 1.15 Release


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    Jul 14, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.2.5


[TekkitRestrict v1.15 Release Changes]
IMPORTANT NOTE: TekkitRestrict v1.15 uses new config files. This means that the config files will be reset! (TekkitRestrict will make a backup of your old config files.) So please keep in mind that you have to configure everything again.


  • Added auto-updater.
  • Major code cleanup.
  • Majorly improved efficiency.
  • Added more color to messages from tekkitrestrict.
  • Better explanations for commands.


  • Fixed all items that are banned in limited creative turning to dirt for everyone
  • Fixed filelogs not saving on shutdown
  • Fixed error on shutdown
  • Alot of other bugfixes
  • Fixed typos all over the plugin


  • Added more options in the config to turn certain features on or off.
  • Gave the config a new layout which is better to read.
  • Added explanations to most/all config options.

Dupes and hacks:

  • Removed hackban option, as Anti-hack is currently not very trustworty.
  • Added option to kick people when they dupe.
  • Dupe and hack broadcasts now support colors (&0-&f, &k-&o and &r)
  • Dupe and hack broadcasts now require a permission to see them:
    • tekkitrestrict.notify.dupe and tekkitrestrict.notify.hack
  • Option to choose kick method; Kick from console or default.
    • Useful if you have a plugin that keeps track of kicks and you would like to use its system.


  • TekkitRestrict now does smart checks and only enables listeners for things that are enabled.


  • Alot of preformance increase in all threads.
  • Threads now get stopped properly.
  • SaveThread will trigger one more time on shutdown.


  • Changed the way EMC is set.
    • An EMC value of 0 now actually removes the EMC value of that item.
    • Improvement to the way the strings in the config are handled.
    • "<id>[:<data>] <EMC>" where data can consist of multiple values separated by comma's. Ranges can be specified with <begin>-<end>
    • "10:2-4,12-100" Will set the EMC values of 10:2, 10:3, 10:4 and 10:12 to 100.
  • Improved EMC tempset and lookup.


  • Improved GriefPrevention support.
    • Added various modes to specify what griefprevention claims should be safezones by default.
    • You can now set if a claim should be a safezone by using /tr admin safezone addgp <name> while you are standing in it.
  • Improved WorldGuard support.
    • Added various modes to specify what WorldGuard regions should be safezones by default.


  • Added alot of permissions for all the sections of the /tr command.
  • OpenAlc now uses a more improved system.
  • TPIC now supports a thorough setting (checks for all entities, not only items)
  • TPIC now searches more efficient
  • All commands have better error messages and more help.
  • Moved /tr admin emc to /tr emc
  • Added /tr admin update command. Perm: tekkiterstrict.admin.update


  • Completely changed the way things are logged. It should be more efficient now.
  • The logfilter now does better checks.
  • Include Essentials nickname checking.


  • Fixed groupmanager errors.
  • Added more permissions for bypasses.
    • tekkitrestrict.bypass.hack.fly, tekkitrestrict.bypass.dupe.rmfurnace, etc.
  • Changed all tekkitrestrict.*.bypass permissions to tekkitrestrict.bypass.*


  • Started work on an API.
  • API currently has 2 classes, EMC and SafeZones.
  • Source is on github.

Note: There are even more changes, but I cannot remember all of them.

  • OpenAlc can close randomly.
  • Banned item groups might not work correctly.
  • If you add a banned item, you have to add damage values for ee items (:1, :11, :21, :31, :41) or it will not work.