TekkitRestrict 0.95 Release-2 [SECURITY HOLE]


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    Oct 2, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.5-R4.0


[Conversion process from 0.91 or lower]

  • Delete Config.yml
  • If you so choose, Edit Data.db using sqlitebrowser and remove all lines from 'tr_limiter'.
  • Otherwise, delete Data.db.

[Changes for 0.95]

  • Changed anti-dupe for alchemy bags. Players have all of their "Duping" devices in their alchemy bag removed if they attempt to pick stuff up with the duping devices are inside the bags.
  • Changed Anti-dupe for alchemy bags to help increase server performance by caching the BHB&Voids in alchemy bags.
  • I added some changes to attempt to get PreciousStones to work, but they are untested.
  • Did several edits to make sure that the SafeZone Decharger will stay on past 4 hours.
  • Made sure that dropped Items do not get deleted in SafeZones. [Tested]
  • Made a class just for ItemStack so DATA is never filtered out. This actually helps with the permissions problems and the data retreival problems.
  • 2 out of a total of 13 permissions tests for NoItem and BlockLimit are failing.
  • noitem works again, only you can also do tekkitrestrict.noitem.ee, ect. now [Tested]
  • nolimit works again
  • Added tolerance to movement speed hack. [Tested]
  • Added Elevator rails and both types of scaffolds to the Anti-Fly hack to make it more precise. [Tested]
  • Added a LOG FILTER, so you can properly filter out your terrible, terrible Console Logs. (And use Jobs without having too many errors) [Tested!!!]
  • Added server restart command "/restart".

This release does not include Spigot-MCPC-MT.