TekkitRestrict 0.91 Dev [Buggy, Broken and unstable]


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    Sep 28, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.5-R4.0


[Conversion process from 0.66 or lower]

  • Delete Config.yml
  • If you so choose, Edit Data.db using sqlitebrowser and remove all lines from 'tr_limiter'.
  • Otherwise, delete Data.db.

[Changes for 0.9]

  • Added Dupe detect on (Q) itemdrop for alchemy bag Tested
  • Added Vanilla/Mod recipe remover Tested
  • Added Anti-Fly hack Tested
  • Added Anti-Movement speed hack [Tested] (Part of fly hack, can change speed to 6x lag out server w/ overloading chunks)
  • Added option to set right click disabled in SafeZone [Tested]
  • Added Metrics custom graph plotters
  • Fixed SafeZone Bug
  • Did a thorough search to make sure all lists are Thread-Safe.
  • Fixed the way how Sqlite is accessed by TR Block Limiter.
  • Improved performance by the way that the Block Limiter Loads.
  • Groupmanager support [Tested]
  • Permissions negation negate your nodes! Also includes several fixes to the old permissions management.
  • ALL Permissions Debugged/tested (Complete Permissions manager overhaul)
  • EntityRemover works [Tested]
  • Factions hook Added [Tested]
  • Towny hook Added [Tested]
  • Added Daily Flight time Limiter (Limits number of minutes a player may fly using a ring or jetpack per day) [Tested]
  • TPIC -> (teleports you to the next cluster of items that are sitting on the ground, AKA buildcraft leak finder) [Tested]
  • LWC Protection. (Prevents block-Breakers and Other "Specified" items from being placed next to a locked LWC item) [Tested]

Refer to Gale Ring+ Other DisableClicks failure Ticket.

This release does not include Spigot-MCPC-MT.


  • Can get kicked for flying when climbing scaffold
  • Block Limiter broken