TekkitRestrict 0.5 Dev


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    Sep 15, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.5-R4.0



  • Fixed TileEntity Crashes
  • Fixed Alc Bag Dupe. (Searches ALL alchemy bags for BHB when they throw an item out, KICKS THE PLAYER!!!)
  • Fixed Transmute Dupe (Prevented players from using klein star in general, now they just can't shift+click the Klein star out of a trans table)
  • Added new Setting "DisableClick." This prevents players from clicking (left or right) with that item. E.G.: "- 27562 left"
  • Basic logging functionality. (Dupes, RM/DM/Amulets)
  • /openalc Reverts your inventory back to it's original place before you used /openalc by closing your inventory.
  • Fixing Gem Armor Preventer
  • MaxCharge (Prevents an EE Item from being charged with "V" past a 0-100 range)
  • Adding "Forced Chunk Deloader" (my server is maxing 30,000 unloadable chunks at 7.5GB over 3 days)
  • NoItem Searches through Armor Slots
  • EE Item names mapped for logging. (All 100 of them =P)

[Did not get to]

  • [5%] Log EE Crafting (Also establish bases for crafting bypasses, This may take some time, as I have to look up a ton of sources)