TekkitRestrict 0.2 Beta Dev


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    Sep 6, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.5-R4.0


Nolagg Examine report:

  • 13 milliseconds lag over a period of 50 seconds.

List of things that are mostly working:

  • OpenAlc
  • Safe Zone, 13 event types listed for safety. (More to come, Generally, this is equal to a Worldguard safetyzone that was manually programmed, but nobody can use gem armor)
  • Gem armor use preventer (Switches the "Offensive and Movement" modes to "off" automatically)
  • High Speed thread (50- ms) for Gem Armor Preventer, Safe zone Tracker and Projectile Deleter.
  • Low speed thread (200+ ms) for Inventory "Disabled/Banned" item deletion.
  • RM Furnace Dupe fix. (Easy one)
  • Backend functions and parameters for noitem and nouse.
  • Most of the noitem AutoItem Deleter is complete. (This is used to automatically remove "Banned Items" from the player's inventory)


  • Confirm successful, blocking ALL 3 dupes!
  • Confirm successful (ProjectileRemover -> EntityRemover)
  • Confirm Successful player invincibility in safezones
  • Auto EE Tool (RM/DM Tools, amulets/rings) Discharge confirmed working for safezones!
  • Safezones prevent ALL interactions. (Set as a base for now, may change so people can use chests, ect.)
  • ALL interactions includes ALL ee items!
  • Ring of arcana is now disableable. (Forced earth mode on ring of arcana)
  • Applied SuperPerms and PEX override to Beta.
  • Item Limiter (99.9% working, Extreme DB optimized)
  • Disabled Item Deleter (99.9% working)
  • Safezone DB Init
  • Dynamic loading for the item limiter. [When a player places a block for the first time, a limiter is made. Said limiter does it buisness, until the player logs out, the limiter is saved and unloaded. In the meantime, the autosaver thread will make sure that crashes won't disrupt the data]
  • Each high-speed thread's speed is now configurable.
  • NoItem disable function added.

Working Permissions:

  • tekkitrestrict.admin (And branch bypasses)
  • tekkitrestrict.noitem.[l-k].[data]
  • tekkitrestrict.limit.[l-k].[data]

Does not allow any interaction whatsoever in safezones. If you have a market, I would hightly suggest that you place it inside a worldguard region for the time being until I am able to add exceptions to the plugin.