TekkitRestrict 0.1 Alpha Dev


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    Sep 2, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.5-R4.0


List of things that are mostly working in the 3 days I have been developing:

  • OpenAlc
  • Safe Zone, 13 event types listed for safety. (More to come, Generally, this is equal to a Worldguard safetyzone that was manually programmed, but nobody can use gem armor)
  • Gem armor use preventer (Switches the "Offensive and Movement" modes to "off" automatically)
  • High Speed thread (50- ms) for Gem Armor Preventer, Safe zone Tracker and Projectile Deleter.
  • Low speed thread (200+ ms) for Inventory "Disabled/Banned" item deletion.
  • RM Furnace Dupe fix. (Easy one)
  • Backend functions and parameters for noitem and nouse.
  • Most of the noitem AutoItem Deleter is complete. (This is used to automatically remove "Banned Items" from the player's inventory)

Working Permissions:

  • tekkitrestrict.admin
  • tekkitrestrict.safezone.bypass
  • tekkitrestrict.abypass

Capacity to limit or prevent items/blocks has not yet been implemented.

  • Alc bag permission may not be implemented, I may have to go back and add that
  • limiting alternate buttons has not yet been implemented.