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Hey guys, I'm back but I have really forgotten a lot of my coding skills. (Haven't coded in over a year.)
So I need you guys to really bare with my for the next few updates, I am taking more lessons from friends and people who actually have a job.
Just for programming, so my plugins will be more advanced in the future but for the time being. I am updating Tekkit ToolKit to the latest Bukkit version that I can find (Version:1.8.3). I hope you guys stick around I will be making more plugins. Hopefully more useful ones. I love you guys for at least trying my plugin and liking it!
Have a great day!
- Coderforlife


Have you ever wanted to reload your tekkit Server But /reload was blocked
Well Now you can use /treload to reload your Tekkit Server
We had a little trouble getting off the ground with Mods Not Reloading but Now They will
(well they do for my test server) But If you have any problems Feel Free to Post them in the Comments :D


Post them here
Suggestions Page
The Idea came From my Friend Sledowski


  • /treload
  • reloads the tekkit server
  • /tstop
  • Stops the Tekkit Server
  • /thelp
  • Shows Help Message
  • /tpvp
  • Toggles Player PVP Status
  • /tclear
  • Removes all the Eneites
  • /treset
  • Resets the Recipes
  • /tid
  • Gives you ID of the item in your Hand
  • /tworkbench
  • Pops your craftbench up
  • /tpickup
  • Toggles your ability to pick up items


  • tekkit.reload
  • tekkit.stop
  • tekkit.help
  • tekkit.pvp
  • tekkit.clear
  • tekkit.reset
  • tekkit.id
  • tekkit.bench
  • tekkit.pick


  • tekkit.specialwalk
    Makes you walk faster on ice
  • tekkit.blockXP
    Gives you XP for breaking blocks


  • Making a Tekkit Stop Command!
  • Make Auto-Updater H31IX Auto-Updater|Re-Added 2.6
  • Make Mods Load Smoother on Player Join! V 1.8
  • Better Reloading V 1.8
  • More Commands V 1.8
  • Hook-in to Other Plugins

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Source Code

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