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This simple plugin provides the functionality of teams - hosting a competition couldn't be easier! You can:

  • Create and delete 'groups'
  • Create and delete teams inside those 'groups'
  • Rename teams and groups
  • Groups can serve as a way of organising different events
  • Add and remove members to teams
  • Add, subtract and set a team's points
  • Set a team's tag which displays in front of a member's name in chat
  • Assign managers to teams
  • Assign team leaders
  • Allow managers to invite other members, and have the members accept the invites
  • Allow team leaders to change settings and assign managers
  • Allow team members to use their team chat
  • Randomly but evenly distribute a list of players between teams in a group
  • Disallow PVP between team members
  • Enable/disable tag display per-team
  • Configure a default team which will be used as a template for all created teams
  • All teams are easily editable in one file

Example usage:

You want to host a PVP tournament. You make a group, call it "PVPTournament" or whatever else you want to call it. You can then create teams for your players, and then put all those players into whichever teams you like. Or you can use the built in distribute function and let the plugin randomly, but evenly decide where to place players. You can then assign team leaders, who can then assign managers for their teams and invite other members into their teams. If you then decide to rename a team or your whole group, you can do that very easily. You can also allow your team members to privately chat in their built-in team chat that the plugin provides. Team leaders are also able to summon all team members to themselves in order to regroup. You can even set a tag for each team, which will be displayed in front of the members whenever they speak. Overall, the plugin provides a fully functional system that is especially useful for management and administration of events and competitions, but you are in no way limited to just that.


[required] (optional)

  • /tc - Toggles team chat (with the team you are member in, inside the current controlled group).
  • /teams help (command) - Lists all the commands of the plugin.
  • /teams list - Displays created teams and groups.
  • /teams view (team) - Views a team's details.
  • /teams group switch [group] - Switches control to another group.
  • /teams group new [group] - Creates a new group.
  • /teams group del [group] - Deletes a group and all of its teams.
  • /teams group rename [group] [new name] - Renames a group.
  • /teams new [name] - Creates a team in your current control group.
  • /teams del [name] - Deletes a team in your current control group.
  • /teams rename [team] [new name] - Renames a team in your current control group.
  • /teams add [team] [member] - Adds a member to a team.
  • /teams remove [team] [member] - Removes a member from a team.
  • /teams distribute Player1 Player2 Player3... - Randomly distributes all specified players into all teams in the current controlled group. This is also done evenly, meaning that the distribution will try to make the teams in the group even.
  • /teams points [team] [operation] [value] - Adjusts a team's points. Operations: '+' '-' '='
  • /teams addmanager [team] [manager] - Adds a manager to a team.
  • /teams removemanager [team] [manager] - Removes a manager from a team.
  • /teams tpall - Teleports all team members to you.
  • /teams set [setting] [team] [value] - Controls a team's settings. Available settings can be checked with /teams listsettings
  • /teams listsettings - List all available settings that you can set for each team.
  • /teams invite [team] [name] - Invites a player to a team.
  • /teams leave - Leaves the team you belong to inside your current controlled group.
  • /teams reset (group) - Resets all teams (members + points + settings), or teams in the specified group.
  • /teams reload - Reloads all groups/teams/configs. You must do this after editing the files manually.

Each team is stored in a teams.yml file which the plugin creates at the first launch of your server. Your teams will never disappear until you delete them. You may also edit this file instead of using the in-game commands, but only do this if you know what you are doing. One very important thing to note is to NEVER put a person in two teams at once, in the same group! Over multiple groups, it's perfectly fine - that's actually what groups were introduced for!


A leader can set a team's settings, assign another leader, assign managers and delete their team. Managers can simply invite other members into the team. The way this works is that if only your server admins will be organising event, you can just give them all the permissions they need and you're good. But if you want your players to also create teams on their own and such, you can assign leaders which can then assign managers and let the team manage themselves. It's up to you - this plugin is very versatile and you only need to use what you need to.


#This is a default team - this is how a new team will look like as soon as it is created.
Default Team:
   points: 0
   #Managers can invite members. IMPORTANT: If you don't want to have any default managers, leave this field as 'managers: []'
   managers: []
   #Leave as -creator- if you want each created team's leader to be the creator of the team
     leader: -creator-
     tag: '&b[Tag]'
     displayTag: false
     noMemberPVP: false


You can set the following permission nodes for this plugin.

  • teams.* - Access to all commands of the plugin.
  • teams.create - Allows you to create teams/groups.
  • teams.delete - Allows you to delete teams/groups.
  • teams.modify - Allows you to rename teams/groups, set team settings even if you are not the leader, add/remove managers even if you are not the leader, add/remove members without having to invite them first, change points, and use the distribute command.
  • teams.reset - Allows you to use /teams reset (group).
  • teams.reload - Allows you to reload the plugin config and teams file.
  • teams.use - Allows you to accept invites and view/list teams.
  • teams.tpall - Allows you to use the /teams tpall command.
  • teams.teamchat - Allows you to teamchat with your team.

All permissions are defaulted to false - however, operators get the teams.* node automatically, unless your permission system changes that.



I made a video that presents the whole plugin in action:

  • Coming soon!*

Enjoy :) If there are any problems, post here/in a ticket. I am taking any cool feature requests!


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