Team Kingdom

TeamKingdom (by Mecraft Community) is not like other Kingdoms plugins !

This is a very usefull plugin if you want an easy teams system.

With TK you will be able to have a large choice of settings ! EVERYTHING is configurable exactly like you want :D

How does it work ?
- Players do /tk play and they are warped in the team with the less amount of players (or first team if equality).

- Inventory is stow in ender chest automatically and they have a sword. They can break blocks in the world and they can't leave the world if they are still in game.

- Each team has to break the "heart" of the other (we can't break own heart) : x*y blocs which can be configurable ! Winer become [King] of his team for the next game.

Create a « teamkingdom » map. Setwarp for a « Blue » and a « Red » team (no more) with /setwarp Blue etc… Create flag for teams and the join sign. Enjoy.
SIGNS : join/leave => L1 "teamkingdom" L2 "join"/"leave"
Test the plugin — IP :

  • No bug at all
  • Features for V 1.0
    • Map regenerator
    • Chat room per team
    • Counter of spent days
    • Wand system to select targets
    • A lot of configuration !!
    • Kick and ban
    • Rewards : money and ranks
    • Kits : when you join a game
    • Signs system to join and leave
  • Up coming for V 2.0
    • Scoreboard
    • WebSite GUI

Please :) Give us $0.10 or $0.50 or $1 or more :D
Make now a donation for our developer, then your name will be displayed here ;)

Work with us

We need : Artist so add our skype : staffto175 !

You will have privileges :

• Have your name + website on the project + our website (Mecraft Community)

• You will be able to use our servers to test other plugins if you want :)
Other issue(s) : click "Tickets" at the top



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