TF2 v2.0


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    Jan 11, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.6-R0.3
  • CB 1.4.6-R0.2
  • CB 1.4.6-R0.1


TF2 v2.0

This update fixes all known bugs and adds many features. Many parts of it were updated and re-written. If the plugin didn't work for you in the past - give this version a try.

USERS UPDATING: You will need to update your classes to a new configuration format, which can be found here:

  • Game handling improved/re-written. Games now run smoother.
  • Class system overhauled - changing classes is now more efficient, less buggy, and contains better error handling.
  • Re-wrote and fixed issues with the queue not working correctly.
  • Updated configuration, enchanted items are now applied a level with a dash instead of a period (BREAKING! Update your current configuration to match the new default one!).
  • Implemented MySQL-based stats tracking. Example PHP script to display stats available here.
  • Overhauled the lobby wall, now works much smoother. Fixed various lobby wall bugs and improved error handling. A row of signs is no longer needed - place one and the rest will be created for you.
  • The player's XP bar is now used to track capture point progress.
  • A sound now plays when a capture point is finished being captured.
  • The player's level is now used to track their total number of kills.
  • Added '/tf2 spectate <map name>' command to spectate games.
  • Added '/tf2 create refillcontainer' command to create containers (chests, dispensers, etc.) which refill themselves every time a new game starts.
  • Added '/tf2 delete map <map name>' command to delete all traces of a map.
  • Fixed possible issues with the game not ending properly.
  • Updated all color codes to use Bukkit's ChatColor class.
  • Implemented efficient update checking.
  • Impleted metrics to track plugin usage.
  • Players can no longer use bows/potions while in the lobby.
  • Various debugging messages removed - never be spammed again!
  • Games now end properly when the last player in a game leaves.
  • Other various code refactoring, rewriting, and optimization.
  • Fixed changeclass buttons so you get properly teleported to your team's spawn.
  • You are no longer given potion effects while in the lobby, these are applied when the game starts.
  • Fixed the '/tf2 disable/enable' commands not working quite right and the lobby wall reflecting the map being disabled.
  • Players will not be teleported out of the lobby if they fail to choose a class.
  • Properly handle class buttons, changeclass buttons, and lobby wall signs being destroyed.
  • Allow wooden buttons to be used for class and changeclass buttons.
  • Fix NPE thrown when restarting between map creation and capture point creation.
  • Fixed armor not getting colored correctly.
  • Fix exception thrown when a game is won.
  • Fixed certain errors thrown upon respawn.
  • Amount of kills is now displayed on-screen instead of spamming the player.
  • Fixed possible cases of players joining late not getting teleported when the game starts.
  • Fixed the game not stopping completely if a player leaves while the countdown is in progress.
  • You are now returned to the GameMode you were previous to joining a game.
  • Lobby wall updating is now more efficient as certain values are cached.
  • Players physically inside a map are teleported out when they join the server.
  • Arrow entities are now removed on game end.
  • Added boolean in the configuration to announce the winning team.
  • Added configuration option to choose the gamemode players are put into.
  • Added configuration option to disable block breaking while in-game.
  • Random fact: Over 150 commits were made on GitHub to get to this version.

Please use the /tf2 debug command when reporting bugs.