Team Fortress 2

This plugin can optionally use TagAPI to color name tags.

This plugin does not need an update and will continue to work between Minecraft versions. However, you will need to update TagAPI each Minecraft version, as this plugin won't work if TagAPI isn't working.


TF2 is a fully functional plugin that allows you to simulate playing Team Fortress 2 from within Minecraft. It is based off of the popular map created by SethBling, only without any redstone required.

Players can click a sign to join a TF2 map, where they will randomly be assigned a team and teleported to their team's lobby. In the lobby, the player can pick a class using buttons, and wait for the game to start. The objective is for blue team to defend their capture points. Red team’s objective is to try and attack / capture blue team’s capture points. There is a time limit to each map, if that time limit is reached, and red team has not captured all of the capture points, then blue team wins. The moment red team captures all of the capture points, red team wins.

Example PHP code to display stats:


  • TagAPI and WorldEdit must be installed for this plugin to run.
  • You will ideally need a TF2 map. We recommend this one, created by SethBling.

Example Gameplay


  • Fully automated lobby status wall using signs, displaying time left in the game, points captured, the status of the game, and more.
  • Completely automated - players will almost never have to use commands, most everything is done through signs and buttons.
  • Players are automatically balanced onto red/blue teams.
  • Create custom classes defined in the configuration - players choose their class by using buttons you create and define as class buttons.
  • The game lasts up until a timelimit defined by you.
  • Your XP bar displays the status of the point being captured, and your level displays the total amount of kills you've made that game.
  • AFK players are automatically kicked from the game.

Creating Your First Map & Setup


tf2.createAllows everything required to setup a map.
tf2.playAllows only normal gameplay commands.
tf2.button.normalAllows use normal class buttons.
tf2.button.donatorAllows use donator class buttons.

Need support?

We need the following things to help you:

  • The output of the /tf2 debug command.
  • A full startup log (from "Starting Minecraft server version..." to "Done!").
  • Any relevant errors. "An internal error occurred" means there's an error waiting in your server log/console.

Commenting below is NOT the fastest way to get support! If you need help, click here to join our IRC channel on


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