TC ActionBlocks

Plugin: TC ActionBlocks is an add-on for TrainCarts

Version: V1.2For MC 1.7.2

Build: V1.2 For MC 1.7.2 BuildStatus

You need TrainCarts for this in order to work!


For configuration, permissions and how-to's, see the Wikipedia page (it is rather long):

Note that I would prefer having comments, bug reports and others in the main Bukkit page, since I visit that site the most. :)

GitHub Project:

Block Types:

  • Station Block (Obsidian)
  • Elevator Block (Gold Block)
  • Ejector Block (Iron Block)
  • Brake Block (Mossy Cobblestone)
  • Blocks are configurable in the config.yml


Action blocks are dumbed-down versions of the Sign systems in the official TrainCarts. Instead of using signs, it is a certain block that behaves in certain ways. What block material performs what can be configured in the configuration of TC ActionBlocks:


More Blocks and Features will be added soon!

Development Builds

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