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This plugin comes from the lack of a decent plugin for taxes. It was created to deal with an unbalanced economy where you need to level things out a bit. It utilizes a basic tax bracket idea when charging taxes and has an easy to follow command list / configuration file.

This plugin offers three tax brackets. You can modify what qualifies each player to be in a tax bracket. From the start, the tax brackets are set up like so:

  • Low: Users in the lower tax bracket have anywhere from $0 to $10,000. They are taxed 5% whenever you choose to collect taxes.
  • Middle: Users in the middle tax bracket have anywhere from $0 to $50,000. They are taxed 10% whenever you choose to collect taxes.
  • High: Users in the high tax bracket have more than $50,000. They are taxed 20% when taxes are collected.

You can configure the money required for each tax bracket and the tax percentage.

Installation Instructions

  1. Before you install Taxes, you must have Vault.
  2. You must also have a Vault Compatible Economy plugin.
  3. Drop the plugin into your plugins folder.
  4. Run and let the config generate.
  5. Modify the Config to your liking, reload the server.


#Account all taxes go into.
  account: ServerAccount
# Should the plugin automatically charge accounts daily? If not, taxes can still be collected with /tax collect
  AutoChargeDaily: false
# Tax rates for each tax bracket. (Percentage / 100)
  high: 0.20
  middle: 0.10
  low: 0.05
# Minimum amount of currency to be considered inside of a tax bracket.
  high: 50000
  middle: 10000
  low: 0
# The maximum amount each bracket can be taxed.
  high: 25000
  middle: 5000
  low: 2000


This plugin offers three commands. The first one is:

  • /tax
    • Without any arguments, this is usable by every player. This will tell them their balance, tax bracket, tax percent, tax amount due, tax status. The status can be changed with permission nodes.
  • /tax collect
    • Anyone with the taxes.collect permission node will be able to use this. This will collect all taxes from players who have the 'Applicable' status. Taxes are only collected when this command is used. If you want an automated system, find a plugin that automatically runs commands from console. This will only collect taxes from online players.
  • /tax reload
    • Reloads the taxes configuration.

Permission Nodes

  • taxes.exempt: This will make the player exempt from paying taxes.
  • taxes.collect: This allows the player to use the /tax collect command.
  • taxes.reload: Allows the player to use /tax reload.


I am always open for suggestions toward improving the plugin. I have more things planned for the plugin. You may use the comments / tickets to make a suggestion. :)


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