TARDISWeepingAngels 2.0.2


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    Sep 10, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.9-R0.2



  • Fixed Strax sometimes spawning as a baby
  • Added Strax to the /twas command


  • Fixed Sontarans sometimes spawning as zombie villagers


  • Now requires LibsDisguises


  • Added Daleks
  • Added Empty Children
  • Added Silurians
  • Added Sontarans
  • Added Strax
  • Added Vashta Nerada
  • Added Zygons
  • Added sounds for Cybermen, Daleks, Empty Children, Sontarans, Strax, and Vashta Nerada
  • Added tab completion for commands
  • Added a new 'kill' command


  • Monster numbers are now configurable per world:
    • After updating all monsters in all worlds will be set to zero, you will need to specifically set the maximum number per monster per world - use the /twa [monster type|all] [world] [max] command
    • How many / how often monsters spawn is now a global setting for all monsters
    • New worlds will be added to the config on server start / reload - you can set the default maximum monster count for new worlds in the config
  • New resource pack - https://github.com/eccentricdevotion/TARDISWeepingAngels-Resource-Pack
  • Commands have changed:
    • twas [monster type] - spawns a monster on the block you are targeting.
    • twad [monster type] [on|off] - sets a player's armour so that they are disguised as a monster.
    • twac [a|c|d|e|i|o|s|v|z] [world] - reports the current number of the specifed monster in the specified world.
    • twak [a|c|d|e|i|o|s|v|z] [world] - kills all of the specifed monster in the specified world.
    • twa [a|c|d|e|i|o|s|v|z|all] [world] [max monsters] - set the maximum number of the specified monster allowed to spawn in the specified world.
  • Removed the always_use_leather config option
  • Monsters no longer pick up items