Exterior Renderer bugs out in other user's TARDIS. #1649

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  • EnderSlime_123 created this issue Aug 30, 2019

    Apparently the TARDIS Exterior Renderer is very buggy whilst using it in another user's TARDIS.


    Entering is fine, but upon trying to exit, it gets confused about what TARDIS your in, and simply says


    Stand by for transmat...

    The Transmit device couldn't figure determine which TARDIS your are in!


    Soooooooo.... I'm basically trapped. Would've screenshotted this but since Bukkit's issue tracker wont allow direct screenshot uploads from your PC thennnn I'm basically unable to give screenshots.

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  • eccentric_devotion posted a comment Aug 30, 2019

    Anything in the server log?

    There's an attach button at the top right, pretty sure you can attach an image...

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  • EnderSlime_123 posted a comment Aug 30, 2019

    Well, it wants an image link.


    Anyway, no errors or anything, the plugin just gets confused on which renderer your in if your using it within another user's TARDIS. It should simply tp you back out to the spot you were at like normal instead of bugging out, as if your using it in your own TARDIS.


    Aldo wanted to mention that when growing a Zero Room (Not sre if this is a rendering-based bug), it looks as if it appears in your TARDIS, and basically cuts your TARDIS in half, but re-entering your TARDIS fixes the issue, and you can re-enter the room like normal if the Zero Room world exists.


    My friend was scared to death when this occurred, but its apparently a weird bug that needs fixing.

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  • eccentric_devotion posted a comment Aug 31, 2019
    Well, it wants an image link

    Top right of this page, not the comment box

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  • eccentric_devotion posted a comment Aug 31, 2019

    Just tested this with a companion in my TARDIS and not seeing any issues... Companion enters and exits the Renderer room as expected



    Edited Aug 31, 2019
  • EnderSlime_123 added an attachment 2019-08-30_08.04.23.png Aug 31, 2019


    My bad, lol.

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    Some sort of rendering bug. As for the Renderer room, that I have NO idea how to fix. I'm on the latest Development build rn.

  • EnderSlime_123 added an attachment 2019-08-31_06.43.07.png Aug 31, 2019

    Upon re-entering...

  • EnderSlime_123 posted a comment Aug 31, 2019

    As I said, some sort of rendering bug. Not sure if its the plugin or MC's fault, but my friend, and others don't want this happening 24/7.

  • eccentric_devotion posted a comment Aug 31, 2019

    /tardis occupy might fix the Renderer room issue, but you'll probably be teleported back to your own TARDIS. Did you by any chance not enter the other players TARDIS by their door (tp'ed in using another plugin maybe?)

    The TARDIS plugin doesn't have any code which would affect visual rendering with the zero room, pretty sure that's not even possible using the Spigot API, could maybe send block changes, but TARDIS only does that when you're wearing the 3D-glasses and the TARDIS exterior is set to invisible.

  • EnderSlime_123 posted a comment Sep 1, 2019

    1. No, I didn't TP in via a /tp command.

    2. You may need to do some screwing around to figure that out.


    I'm using the latest build of Paper currently.




    Sorry for the late reply.

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