Make the Tardis Alive Again #1640

  • bables11 created this issue Jul 28, 2019

    I was thinking what if you can make Each tardis much more personalized by adding a few things to the plugin


    Blocks: Memory-Core Block, Attributes Block


    Items: Memory-Core Disk, Characteristic Disk.


    The Idea is to make every single tardis unique by adding new events, certain permissions and attributes to each new tardis which is Pre-Determined by RNG while growing

    the tardis. As the Tardis gets older and the player uses it more often the Tardis's Characteristics can change for instance "After using the tardis for awhile a player could *snap* to open the doors"


    Memory-Core Block & Memory-Core Disk: Every tardis would come with a Memory-Core Block and a Memory-Core Disk. The disk would basically act as thumb-drives and store the tardis's saved data like Locations,rooms, and attributes. You can also add in a game feature where you need to upgrade the memory-core disk in order to be able to create more rooms and larger consoles.

    The Memory-core Block would act as the Tardis's "Brain/Computer" you can "upload disk" to these blocks which would destroy the current disk and change the Tardis to match the disk's Data. When you want to remove a Tardis's Memory-Core Disk you would use the block to "download" it to a separate disk and when that new Disk is uploaded the current tardis would be erased from file.


    Attributes Block/Attributes Disk: Every Tardis would come with both a Attributes block and a random amount of disk. The disk the spawns with the tardis Can't be removed but they can be upgraded or downgraded depending on the player's choice.


    Some good attributes a tardis could have could be "Fast Flyer(Takes less time to take-off and land) time efficient(Farms and animals grow faster) Easy to get along with(Attributes Naturally level up over time)


    Some bad atrributes could be: "Spitefull(Tends to lock doors at random)   Ignorant(Crashes more often)  Forgetful(Lets nearby mobs in at random passive and agressive mobs)


    one of the features this could have would be good attributes along with being able to be upgraded also naturally upgrade themselves as long as the tardis in in use . bad attributes on the other hand upgrade themselves when the tardis is not in use and need to be manually downgraded


    This is just a mere idea you can use some or all and expand this in your own way its agreat plugin rather you want to implement this or not 10/10 would use the tardis plugin again


  • EnderSlime_123 posted a comment Jul 29, 2019

    Not really needed.


    A lot of the plugin would need to be re-coded.

  • eccentric_devotion closed issue May 27, 2020

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