Handbrake softpower #1635

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  • johnak0312 created this issue Jun 23, 2019

    I have been experimenting with ways of implementing custom redstone circuits into my tardis consoles, such as custom lights, by using the redstone block for the beacon as a power source, and recently, using the handbrake to send a redstone signal to make a time rotor move up and down with a piston. However, the handbrake lever, since you punch it instead of taping it when you turn it off, won't cause a block update, and won't allow a block to be soft powered. If you don't know much about redstone, this is when you use a block to carry a signal, i.e. placing a lever on a block, and a line of redstone out the other side. So, if you were to put the handbrake lever on the ground and run a line of redstone next to it, it would power and turn off the line correctly. but if you were to put the handbrake on top of a block, and have, say, a piston underneath of it, it wouldn't power it. But, if you were to place a block next to the piston, it would see that its supposed to be powered and will update. I was wondering if the plugin could be updated to make the handbrake initiate a block update whenever its used.



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