Suggestion: TARDIS Shield #1633

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  • patofrango created this issue Jun 22, 2019

    I think it'd be a cool idea to implement the TARDIS shield/force field. You know its mechanics in the episode "Flatline"? Remember how the shield expanded out from the police box, pushing away any nearby entities? I'd love to see that feature implemented in the plugin. Imagine that there are mobs/players outside your TARDIS that, let's say, you wanna keep a safe distance from before coming out. By toggling the shield with a button, it would expand from the police box and push all entities away from it, preventing anyone from going near the TARDIS. As for the design, it could be achieved with particles, much like the ones used for the Junk Tardis.

  • EnderSlime_123 posted a comment Jun 23, 2019

    Particles would be quite laggy, but using stained glass panes might work.

  • patofrango posted a comment Jun 24, 2019

    Well, maybe to some. I personally don’t lag with the junk TARDIS’s. 

  • eccentric_devotion closed issue Feb 15, 2020
  • eccentric_devotion posted a comment Feb 15, 2020

    TARDIS force fieldI implemented, get a build from the TARDIS Jenkins server.

  • eccentric_devotion added a tag Build available Feb 15, 2020

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