Suggestion: TARDIS Custom Time Rotor model? #1615

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  • EnderSlime_123 created this issue Apr 16, 2019

    This was suggested before, but no one answered it.




    I think the TARDIS should have a time rotor model. Moves when TARDIS is flying, etc.

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  • dwboygamerofficial posted a comment Apr 17, 2019

    Yes this has been suggested before (multiple times actually) and I believe this is not possible. Lets see what Eccentricnz has to say about this.

  • link2006155 posted a comment Apr 17, 2019

    Well resource packs can have custom models now 

    for example i use one that mails rails 3d. 

    With optifine and stuff we can have a police box exterior that doesnt effect anything else and that uses a custom resource pack. I don't see how this could be a problem. It might not be animated but i can see this as being doable...

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