Tardis sonic suggestion #1592

  • warriorgamin277 created this issue Nov 22, 2018

    If possible a way to condense the sonic back into the tardis with keeping in count every circuit it has

  • eccentric_devotion posted a comment Nov 23, 2018


  • warriorgamin277 posted a comment Nov 24, 2018

    sometimes when i'm playing around i get stuck in a location without artron and i have a spare sonic on me, and i've already used my timelord energy on the tardis, and it just came to mind "what if i condense my sonic back into the tardis" cause it took like 3k artron to make it originally, so i tried and it didn't work, so i just thought i'd suggest the idea of it

  • eccentric_devotion posted a comment Nov 25, 2018

    OK, fair enough.

    Let's see what the community thinks. If it gets some upvotes I'll implement it.

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