Custom time rotor model #1570

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  • xXGATTXx created this issue Aug 15, 2018



    I know you are busy working on handles (and other cool stuff, love the plugin BTW :D ), but i wanted to ask if there is any way for you to make an animated model for a time rotor. i think it would be a cool touch, maybe make it only occur when travelling. just a thought




  • xXGATTXx added a tag Enhancement Aug 15, 2018
  • dwboygamerofficial posted a comment Aug 15, 2018

    It think this has been asked before. It would require either use of armorstands, or it  would be necessary to make time rotor 3 blocks wide. Im quite sure that armorstands are not proper option here, and 3 blocks wide time rotor would be too big, Any way, I would like animated time rotor, but I doubt it will be added

  • xXGATTXx posted a comment Aug 16, 2018

    An animated model, which I made in 15-20 minutes, in the resource pack would be perfect. I will attach it next time I have my laptop, and he can do as he pleases with it. It's easy to do, with the right tools.


  • dwboygamerofficial posted a comment Aug 16, 2018

    Yes but if timerotor is not going to be made 3 blocks wide, then we need armorstands. And I believe this has been suggested before, and he cant use armorstands inside the TARDIS because how would he detect where timerotor actually is (Because player might change it to make custom console),So I very seriously doubt there is ever going to be animated timerotor in this plugin (even so it would be great)

  • xXGATTXx posted a comment Aug 17, 2018

    I'll post the files later


    and to answer your other question, ./tt update rotor ;)


    Edited Aug 18, 2018
  • xXGATTXx posted a comment Aug 18, 2018

    heres a texture pack i had permission to modify and add stuff to. it contains the files



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  • xXGATTXx added an attachment Aug 18, 2018

    a prototype

    the time rotor model i made

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