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  • dwboygamerofficial created this issue Aug 1, 2018

    First of all, Im not coder, so I dont know how hard it is to code this. I also want to say, that idea of this is only head-cannon. But still, I think this would very well fit to the TARDIS plugin.


    TARDIS Custom Upgrades:

    What they are: They are additional features, that you can install to the TARDIS. None of them are automaticly installed.

    How to use/install: First, player will have to have TARDIS Upgrade Circuit Board (More of that later). Simply right clicking it will open gui, where player will be able to put special upgrade circuits (More of them later).


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  • dwboygamerofficial posted a comment Aug 1, 2018

    TARDIS Upgrade Circuit Board:

    What is it: In order to use any of these upgrades, player will have to have it.

    How to obtain: Simply put jukebox somewhere inside the TARDIS, and run command /tardis update upgrading_system while looking at this jukebox.

    How to use: As specified earlier, just right click it to open gui where you put upgrade circuits.

    How to enable specific upgrade: Once istalled, player needs to run this command:

    /tardisupgrade [upgrade_name] [on/off]


    In some cases, upgrade requires specific command to be run. Command is: /tardisupgrade [upgrade_name] run

    Next, I will start to talk about upgrades.


    There is, however one disadvantage in this system. Because installing own upgrades to the TARDIS "is not supported", when TARDIS experiences malfunction, nausea effect given to players inside the TARDIS will last longer, and will not stop until TARDIS has landed.

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  • dwboygamerofficial posted a comment Aug 1, 2018


    TARDIS this plugin adds is (propably) supposed to be type 40. According to TARDIS Technical Index, forcefield wasnt default in type 40 TARDIS. Because of this, it it custom upgrade.

    What is it/What it does: When forcefield is in use, random mobs cant come inside the TARDIS even if door is open. Forcefield also prevents any player (Who is not companion of TARDIS operator) coming closer than forcefield area (More of that later) from the TARDIS.

    How to use: Simply run command /tardisprefs hads_type forcefield to enable it. This is because according to TARDIS Technical Index TARDIS forcefield is part of HADS.

    Now about its special effects:

    There is new player Prefs command: /tardisprefs forcefield_area [number]

    Max number is 20 (By default, can be configured)

    Min number is 1, because if it is 0, forcefield has no effect

    Height of the forcefield is always 4, because of height of the TARDIS.


    Now, about forcefield radius, there are three new TARDIS admin command: /tardisadmin forcefield_can_kill (self explanatory), /tardisadmin forcefield_can_damage (self explanatory) and /tardisadmin forcefield_can_block (will prevent ANY arrow being fire inside the forcefield area, it simply makes it vanish when it hits area). All three of them are on by default. This next part is VERY hard to explain, but hopefully you understand what I mean:

    Basicly, here is how it works. In this picture is landing situation, where forcefield area is set to 5

    Blue wool: This is place where TARDIS will land. Any mob that is on these blocks would be crushed to death.

    Red wool: This is "inner forcefield". Any mob that is on these blocks would be killed

    Cyan wool: this is "middle forcefield" it is alway two blocks wight. Any mob that is on these blocks would lose 50% (Is configurable) and be pushed away from forcefield area.

    Light blue wool: This is "outer forcefield" it is always one block wight. Any mob on these blocks would be pushed away from forcefield area.

    White wool: This middle of the TARDIS. It only exists, if TARDIS preset in either new police box, old police box, submarine or red telephone box. Any mob on this block will be teleported inside the TARDIS.

    Note, that mobs dying from forcefield only happens when TARDIS lands, and will not prevent any other entities other that arrows entering area once TARDIS has landed.

    In this next picture, forcefield area is default (aka one):

    Basicly same thing as with area of 5, but there is only "light blue wool" 



    Note, that if forcefield is bigger that default (one), it will start to drain extra artron energy. Bigger the area is, more artron i´t takes to use.


    Also, on medium and hard TARDIS difficulty TARDIS cant takeoff is forcefield is active , and player is required to turn it off if he wishes to takeoff. In easy difficulty forcefield is automaticly turned off when TARDIS takes off  and again activated when TARDIS starts to land.


  • dwboygamerofficial posted a comment Aug 1, 2018

    TARDIS Autopilot:

    What it is: Well, it is autopilot. More of its benefits later

    What it does: Basicly, it allows player to ignore any controlling of the TARDIS (other that setting destination and taking off) even in medium/hard difficulty. It also automaticly activates scanner when TARDIS has landed if it experienced malfunction, and automaticly presses buttons if flight mode is set to manual. It even disables forcefield (if installed) and enables it again when TARDIS starts to land. Overall, player will have most use for it if he use difficulty other that easy. 

    How to enable: Do /tardisprefs auto_pilot [on/off]


    However, in order not to make it too op, it will take a lot of energy to use.

  • dwboygamerofficial posted a comment Aug 1, 2018

    TARDIS Fast Materialisation Override (FMO):

    What it is: On screen, TARDIS can timetravel, thus allowing Doctor (and operators in general) to be at specific point it time when wanted/needed. In game, this isnt possible, and because TARDIS materialisation takes little bit of time, sometimes you are late if you are needed/wanted at specific place. Because of this, there should be faster way to travel.

    What it does: It allows faster materialisation (those fast demat/remat sounds that already exist in the sound resource pack would be used)


    There are both advantages and disadvantages in this system however:


    1. TARDIS materialises faster


    1. TARDIS travel will take more artron energy

    2.  there is configurable chance (default 50%) where materialisation circuit (if difficulty is medium/hard) will lose configured amount (default 100%) of its durability. If configured amount is 100%, materialisation circuit will be completely destroyed, thus requiring it to be replaced.

    3. If its left active for longer that 10 seconds, and player hasnt made TARDIS takeoff, it will start to drain 100 (is configurable) artron energy per second

    4. Change for malfunction for this specific TARDIS rise to 50% (Is configurable)


    How to active: simply place lever inside the TARDIS and do /tardisupdate fmo_lever. Right clicking it will active FMO. Right clicking it again will disable it.


    Edited Aug 2, 2018
  • dwboygamerofficial posted a comment Aug 1, 2018

    TARDIS Stabiliser:

    I know this has been suggested before, but this is bit different: You could argue there is no need for stabiliser, as TARDIS isnt unstable. However, you are wrong. When TARDIS experiences malfuntion, it will start to shake (players inside the TARDIS will get nausea). If you ask me, this is quite unstable. When stabiliser is activated, nausea will stop. Normally nausea effect will not last very long, but as specified before, nausea effect will start to last longer once Upgrade Board is installed. Using stabiliser is thus required if you want to get rid of annoying effect before TARDIS has landed. 

    What is it: It can be used to stabilise the TARDIS

    How to get: Place lever inside the TARDIS and do /tardisupdate stabiliser

    How to use: Right clicking will stabilise the TARDIS


    Also, using stabiliser while there is TARDIS malfunction, will have configurable (defaul´t 50%) change to make TARDIS go to the location where is was supposed to go before malfunction occured

    Edited Aug 2, 2018
  • dwboygamerofficial posted a comment Aug 1, 2018

    TARDIS Emergency Materialisation System (EMS):

    What it is: It is sort of secondary materialisation circuit.

    How it works: Simply do /tardis_ems. Game will ask, is player sure he wants to use EMS. If player retypes /tardis_ems, it will be activated.

    Advantages: Once activated, TARDIS is able to materialise even if it doesnt have any artron energy left, or if materialisation circuit has been destroyed/is missing. It is very useful, if player used FMO and is now stuck in somewhere without way out. It can be even used remotely, and if player is outside the TARDIS while he activates EMS, TARDIS will automaticly materialise at players current location. If FMO is installed, TARDIS will use it to travel to the player. Note, that EMS also works if TARDIS has been powered down (This will however require player to be in the same dimension as the TARDIS)

    Disadvantages: Sadly, this circuit can only be used once before it breaks, and is required to be replaced.

    Edited Aug 2, 2018
  • dwboygamerofficial posted a comment Aug 1, 2018

    Paradox Circuit:

    What it does: It can be used to materialise TARDIS inside the TARDIS (Not necessarily inside your own TARDIS, however, but it can do that too)

    How it works: This upgrade adds TARDISTimevortex world to be accessible thru random location button. It also allows player to use commands and stattenheim remote to call TARDIS inside itself or other TARDIS.

    Note, that TARDIS cant use random travel to materialise nearer that 1000 blocks from TARDIS interior (inside dimension), which is not owned by player identified as its operators companion.

    Edited Aug 2, 2018
  • dragonhunterjef posted a comment Aug 8, 2018

    then we need a bigger advanced tardis console.....

    for all the circuits

  • dwboygamerofficial posted a comment Aug 8, 2018

     DragonHunterJef, not necessarily, as these are supposed to be ADDITIONAL features, that dont come as default in any TARDIS. Because of this, TARDIS console "is not designed" to hold more than needed amount of TARDIS controls (handbrake, repeaters ect.). So in order to use these features, player might have to make same changes to TARDIS console. Not to forget, in some TARDISes (atleast in Twelfths, Elevenths and Redstone) there are smaller side consoles. They could be used. Anyway, only ones of these controls that require additional space are FMO and EMS and maybe Upgrade Circuit Board. In my server, my TARDIS could not hold any more controls (it is highly modified), but reason for this is, that I have made same upgrades to it myself (For example FMO and stabiliser are real, working systems in my TARDIS. "Paradox Circuit" is somewhat functional as well). Any way, I this would get added, I wouldnt mind making changes to my TARDIS console.

    Edited Aug 15, 2018
  • xXGATTXx posted a comment Aug 15, 2018

    quick question, mind sending me those models for your controls? i like them alot.

  • dwboygamerofficial posted a comment Aug 15, 2018

    sure. Here is download link for those custom models: https://www.dropbox.com/s/oz9p0xzhvgorqkd/UltimateTARDISPackR1.0.zip?dl=0

    This only includes custom model. If you are interested of getting another textures my TARDIS has, download this too: https://www.dropbox.com/s/l41xbbemwljxgyu/DWPack1.6R.zip?dl=0

  • xXGATTXx posted a comment Aug 16, 2018

    Thanks :D


  • xXGATTXx posted a comment Aug 16, 2018

    Also, would you mind if I share it with a few friends? I wouldn't claim it as my own obviously.

    and one more thing:  would you mind if I change the models but keep you as the credited author. Maybe I couldmake v2 for you 👌😀

    Edited Aug 16, 2018
  • dwboygamerofficial posted a comment Aug 16, 2018

    Yes, you can share them with your friends (DWPack is already public, and TARDISUltimatePack is going to be public). You also can change those models, but on one condition: send copy them to me, because I want to see them in use.

  • xXGATTXx posted a comment Aug 17, 2018

    K ;)

  • xXGATTXx posted a comment Aug 18, 2018

    i decided not to change the models, but i combined the pack with the default "tardismcp-master." and i made an animated rotor for the center of the tardis console. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-Kq8wkkGbIrOYbDICoYfTALYJUCV99NQ/view?usp=sharing 

    ps add this line to all the .properties files

    biomes=TheEnd TheVoid

    pps. i couldnt figure out a way to get the item to not be all black, but the block model is a beauty.

    have fun


    Edited Aug 18, 2018
  • dwboygamerofficial posted a comment Aug 19, 2018

    Ok Im going to test it and tell what I think of it

  • dwboygamerofficial posted a comment Aug 19, 2018

    Ok now I see you have changed green colored glass to look like timerotor tube. Only problem with this is, that this requires one block to be completely replaced with another block, and thus players cant use that specific block anywhere else becauce it looks stupid anywhere else that in the TARDIS. I seriously doubt this is going to be added to official TARDIS MCP pack.

  • xXGATTXx posted a comment Aug 20, 2018

    its biome specific

  • dragonhunterjef posted a comment Aug 20, 2018

    those texture are from TARDIS resource pack from zeon_blacktooth it's the same handbrake and repeaters

  • dwboygamerofficial posted a comment Aug 20, 2018

    I know. I never said I made them myself.

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