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  • Airomis1 created this issue Oct 24, 2017

    i was thinking it would be cool to do some basic logic inside the tardis and this could be done a few ways


    way 1. have blocks that work like a command block that can be triggered via redstone


    where you have a if logic such as



    IF Tardis ( event )

    IF owner ( event )

    If Hostile ( mob ) ( event )

    If owner ( event )

    If Friendly Player ( on companion list if named its only that player if not all) ( event )

    If Hostile Player ( not on List ) ( event )


    the events can be like 





    Within # ( blocks of the tardis center )




    and all send a redstone signal so you can make and / or / nor gates with redstone


    then have a effect block


    travel ( type save,area ) Name

    toggle displacement / seige / hide / power / doorOpen/Close 


    then as players think of more to add to the list you could add more to the commands




  • dwboygamerofficial posted a comment Oct 25, 2017

    I would really like this feature.

  • eccentric_devotion posted a comment Oct 26, 2017

    I don't think there is any way to add a block that when clicked would open a GUI allowing you to enter text. Also getting non-redstone blocks to output redstone signals is a PITA...

    You say:

    this could be done a few ways

    ... but you only list one way. What other ways?

  • Airomis1 posted a comment Oct 28, 2017


    i was thining one way was to use a gui and in an inventory view do something like mind-storms where a block has a value and when you put all of the parts together under a single program you can make a complex command


    open programming block


    have blocks with the names of:


    a single block per program name


    next page  last page


    new program


    delete program


    then if you just click a program you can edit it


    when you go to make a new program you will place blocks together that will have different meanings for example cobble stone is when, ( owners head block )  is owner, red x could be logs out, furnace can be the marker for the effect, feather be travel and a save disk can let you pick from all saves


    so the program will look like 


    cobble, owner head, red X , furnace, feather , save ( home ) and when the owner logs off the tardis will auto travel home but if the player dose not tell it to power down it will stay on


    then if you do


    cobble, owner head, red X , furnace , Feather, Save ( home ) redstone lamp off 


    the tardis will go home and power down when it lands if the owner logs off


    cobble, owner head , red X, Clock ( 1 Hour ) , Feather, Save ( home ) redstone lamp off 


    the same will happen after an hour passes


    have a block that will mark a tardis,


    and make something like if the tardis is below X artron it will go to a charger, or if more that a set of hostile mobs are outside the tardis it will trigger the displacement system or the hide.


    or cobble , owner , map ( 5 ) , tardis , furnace , tardis ( door ) open chest 


    this would make the tardis door auto open if the owner is within 5 blocks of the tardis


    or cobble , owner , map (  6) , tardis ( door ) , furnace , tardis ( door ) closed chest 


    same but it would close


    or cobble , owner , map (  6) , tardis  , furnace ,  Tardis (gast head) , open chest


    the tardis will auto hide after the owner is more than 6 blocks away



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