TARDIS Gramophones #1508

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  • dwboygamerofficial created this issue Sep 10, 2017

    I know, this doesnt have any actual purpose in game, other than being fun, but you still should add Gramophones for TARDIS. There are three ways to do it:

    - GUI, and players would be able to click any available music to play it.

    - Similar to jukeboxes currently in the game, but when music disk with specific lore, for example, it would play specific music.

    - Commands. like /tardis_music [music] [player].

    Because TARDIS plugin is Doctor Who themed plugin, It would be great if those musics would be different Doctor Who themes. And even if music would be custom, and it would sound resource pack to work, there already exists other TARDIS features that dont work without resource pack, like connected textures for TARDIS exterior.

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