New chameleon presets duplicate few blocks #1416

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  • toppanafin created this issue Sep 16, 2016

    TARDIS version   v3.7-beta-1-b1570
    CraftBukkit version  git-Bukkit-4d87c34 (MC 1.10.2)

    What steps will reproduce the problem?
    1. Select biome adaption chameleon option
    2. Travel to plains biome (for example)
    3. Step out and you find some dandelion flowers and seeds on the ground.

    In the materialisation progress it places the flowers and tall grass three or four times, and because of the glass comes in the materialisation after that, it destroys the flowers and grass and drops the items. Same happens if you rebuild, hide, dematerialise and so on.

    I know not very huge duplication bug but still duplication bug.

    .. Big day for a fan of dandelions :P

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  • toppanafin posted a comment Sep 18, 2016

    I would have included a video but OBS is not working as it used to anymore, having a bit of difficulties with it :P

  • toppanafin posted a comment Sep 27, 2016

    Got OBS working, here's a video

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