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  • Airomis1 created this issue Sep 12, 2016

    so this would be a huge enhancement to the plugin and if it gets denied will not offend me at all but here we go.

    knowing that a player can get many blocks from crafting 7 in the crafting table

    what I would like to see is the player having more input in making the tardis from the ground up. this proposal will be broken into stages that the player will have to do to build their tardis.

    when a player makes a tardis should this be the first time or even after they make one after the delete their tardis

    they would craft a tardis as the plugin currently handles it, the change will be when the tardis spawns it will be in the junk mode and they will only have the junk tardis until they repair / build their tardis.

    after the player has their tardis they will then be required to start making the circuits to allow them to " build" fully functional tardis  as the player makes the different circuits they will get new things they can use.

    circuts required basic use
    TARDIS Materialisation Circuit
    TARDIS Input Circuit
    TARDIS Chameleon Circuit
    TARDIS Memory Circuit

    now the defult tardis mode will apply but the plugin will not give the circuits for free they will need to make all parts but in easy mode they will simply not break after they have the basic working junk tardis they can start to build a more functional tardis at the most any one circut will require two others, the player will need the required circut for the circut inside the tardis to work AND will also need to have the circut in hand to craft the circut.
    TARDIS Temporal Circuit
    TARDIS Scanner Circuit

    Tardis Compression Circuit
    this is required for the player to enter the tardis and see the inside they selected when crafting it     and will automaticly change the junk mode off.
    if it breaks / removed the tardis will change to junk mode the players will notice the change     when they exit or time travel at that time they will be placed on the outside junk tardis
    requires TARDIS Materialisation Circuit , TARDIS Chameleon Circuit

    Tardis Automation Circuit
    Required for some tardis systems
    breaks systems will stop working
    Required, TARDIS Input Circuit,TARDIS Memory Circuit

    TARDIS ARS Circuit
    if they can't enter the tardis they can still set rooms to grow with the ars
    Required TARDIS Input Circuit,Tardis Automation Circuit

    Tardis Sorting Circut
    Allows players to use the sorting functions of some rooms ( Vault, Farm,Forge )
    if breaks rooms will stop working
    required Tardis Automation Circuit, TARDIS Input Circuit

    Tardis Farming Circuit
    required to use the all mob farms ( they can grow the room can not bring mobs in)
    If this breaks mobs cant be farmed
    requires Tardis Sorting Circut, Tardis compression circut

    Tardis lift Circuit
    required to allow the tardis to go above the higest y block
    if breaks players cant select a y that is above or bellow the highest block
    requires TARDIS Scanner Circuit, Tardis Automation Circuit

    TARDIS Reader Circuit
    allows players to saves ( disk or how it is handled in easy mode )
    breaks players cant read or write saves
    Requires 2x Blank Storage Disk

    Circuits after this point are optinal in prefrance order

    Tardis Forge Circuit
    allows players to use the forge room
    breaks the room stops working
    Required Tardis Automation Circuit, Tardis Sorting Circut

    Tardis Vault Circuit
    allows players to use the forge room
    breaks the room stops working
    Required Tardis Automation Circuit, Tardis Sorting Circut

    Tardis Condening Circut
    Required to use the eye of harmmoney and condencer ( server condencer will still work )
    if breaks items can not be condenced for power
    Required Tardis Compression Circuit, Tardis Automation Circuit

    Tardis Gravity Circuit
    Required to use gravity wells
    Breaks, Gravity wells stop working
    requires Tardis lift Circuit,Tardis Automation Circuit

    Tardis [Room] Circuit
        example: stable will need hay and so on
    used to grow the [room]
    if breaks the room is not ablie to be grown
    requires the "seed block" , TARDIS ARS Circuit

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