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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.10



  • TARDIS requires TARDISChunkGenerator v2.4.1 and CraftBukkit 1.10


  • Updated for Minecraft 1.10
    • Added new blocks
    • Added new mobs
    • Fixed spawn eggs
  • Added the ability to create a Skaro world - see more details here: Skaro
  • Added the ability to have per-world resource packs
  • Added beetroot to the Sonic replanter feature
  • Added the ENDER console designed by ToppanaFIN - seed block: PURPUR_BLOCK
  • Added CORAL console designed by vistaero - seed block: NETHER_WART_BLOCK
  • Added the Sonic Generator
  • Added an Igloo room and the ability to farm Polar Bears
  • Added a 3% chance a Dalek will form when building a snowman in the TARDIS
  • Added auto_powerup_on to player prefs to make the TARDIS power up when entering
  • Added the ability to dematerialise without setting a destination
  • If a player tries to toggle the handbrake when the door is open, closing the door within 30 seconds now starts dematerialisation
  • Added the ability to abandon a TARDIS
    • config - abandon.enabled: [true|false], abandon.reduce_count: [true|false]
    • permission - tardis.abandon
    • commands - /tardis abandon, /tardisadmin list abandoned - TARDIS admins can click an entry in the abandoned list to enter or delete that TARDIS (requires ProtocolLib)
    • players can claim an abandoned TARDIS by being the first person to power it up
    • the config option allow.power_down must be true
  • Added hum player preference and GUI to set the TARDIS interior hum sound effect preference - use the Sonic Preferences GUI or the /tardisprefs hum [sound name] command
  • Added Acid Batteries, the Rift Circuit, Rift Manipulator and the Rust Plague Sword
    • /tardisrecipe [acid-battery|rift-circuit|rift-manipulator|rust]
    • Acid Batteries and the Rift Circuit are ingredients in crafting the Rift Manipulator
    • The Rift Manipulator allows players to create personal TARDIS rechargers - permission tardis.rift


  • New sound effects for quick materialisations (hide/rebuild)
  • Lots of other sound effect changes - update the TARDISSounds resource pack!
  • The interior hum when entering TARDIS now only plays if player has SFX pref ON
  • The remote key hide and rebuild feature now has a cooldown period
  • The remote key no longer functions if the TARDIS is powered down
  • Sound effects now play for TARDIS autonomous homing
  • Companions can now perform rescues via the telepathic circuit
  • The language localisation files are now easier to translate
  • Refresh the chunk after changing the biome - world.refeshChunk() is now deprecated because it doesn’t work reliably. TARDISChunkGenerator now has a method to send a PacketPlayOutMapChunk packet to the client to achieve this
  • Use the new VOID biome for the TARDIS interior - update the TARDIS-MCP resource pack! - existing TARDIS interior biomes will be updated to use VOID instead of SKY, this should stop pesky Endermen spawning
  • The control Centre has been updated with all TARDIS functions, and now displays relevant TARDIS information. Clicking the Control Centre sign while sneaking will open the keyboard
  • If TARDISWeepingAngels is enabled Whovian monsters now show in the scanner results and the messages when they enter the TARDIS
  • Zombie Villagers that enter the TARDIS now keep their profession
  • The TARDIS beacon will now turn red if there is a malfunction
  • Removed the police_box.materialise config option
  • New TARDISes will only have the new Control Centre sign and not all the others (they can still be added if desired using the /tardis update command)
  • Added more opportunity for no_destination_malfunctions
  • Toggling Junk Mode now respects the rebuild cooldown period

Bug fixes

  • Don't engage HADS if the TARDIS is powered down
  • Explicitly specify the required server version in the plugin disable message
  • Remove players from the travellers table if they respawned in a non-TARDIS world
  • Restore grass paths after the TARDIS has landed on them
  • Set an under door block if the TARDIS materialises in the air
  • Fixed a null message when the TARDIS malfunctions
  • Update the player's inventory after they try (and are denied) placing a siege cube in the render room
  • Fixed the database prefix option on first run
  • Only transmat a player to the Renderer room if they are still in the TARDIS world - they may have disconnected from the server or exited the TARDIS
  • Revert Siege mode wall/floor changes when disengaging from outside the TARDIS
  • Change the SQLite siege wall & floor defaults to be the same as MySQL
  • Add missing 1.9 attributes to inventory saving
  • Prevented use of more controls when in Siege Mode
  • Fixed the MySQL database converter
  • Added missing [help|tab completion] entries for commands
  • Fixed spelling mistakes in some TARDIS messages
  • Fixed the Junk Mode save sign not working after a new TARDIS was created, and persist Junk Mode players between server restarts
  • Fixed the INVISIBLE chameleon preset not updating the exterior door location

For CraftBukkit/Spigot 1.10 or higher, no longer compatible with prior versions, and it will disable itself if a lower version is used! ALWAYS run BuildTools to get the latest server JARs before installing/updating TARDIS!

You need to update TARDISChunkGenerator to version 2.4.1 or higher (included in ZIP file)